(Now Closed) Invitation to the MCX8000 Firmware 2.0 Public Beta Tests

Invitation to the MCX8000 Firmware 2.0 Public Beta Tests

The MCX8000 v2.0 Firmware has undergone extensive work, some fixes and some great additional functionality. The firmware has been tested internally and now Denon DJ invite MCX8000 owners to join in with the next stage of firmware testing: The Public Beta Testing stage.

Users interested in taking part in this Public Beta Test should meet the following criteria:

  • Own their own MCX8000

  • Have a Windows PC or Mac (meeting minimum specs) for installing Engine Prime 1.1.1 (downloadable from here: http://denondj.com/engineprime)

  • Joining, or being an existing member of the Official Denon DJ forum.

  • Have a USB stick formatted to Engine Prime Requirements

  • Have at least 100 music files (at 44.1khz Sampling Rate) in any of the following formats:

    • AAC (CBR/VBR, 44.1 kHz, stereo 64–320 kbps)
    • AIF/AIFF (44.1 kHz, 16-/24-bit stereo)
    • MP3 (CBR/VBR, 44.1 kHz, stereo 32–320 kbps)
    • WAV (44.1 kHz, 16-/24-bit stereo)

Please be aware that Engine Prime 1.1.1 supports several different hardware devices. Engine Prime can analyse and export music files which may be outside of the playback compatibility of the MCX8000. Such files will remain unplayable by the MCX8000. It is intended that a future version of Engine Prime will feature a distinction between files which are, and are not compatible with MCX8000.

  • Not discuss the testing or their findings outside of this Public Beta Testing Group

  • Understand that they must not take the Beta Test Firmware out to public performances (The 1.5 firmware is available for beta testers to install in their MCX8000 prior to public performance)

  • Be willing to participate with testing the firmware, by applying their individual DJ workflow to the test.

  • Are able to logically and clearly describe any unexpected behaviour with their system when using the Public Beta Testing firmware and be able to describe which steps were taken to get to that behaviour, in such a way that any other tester could replicate the event(s).

If you feel that you fit the above description and are able to commit to actively participating in this v2.0 MCX8000 firmware beta testing program, then please send a Private Message via the forum to @Gee_DenonDJ or post a comment/request below in this thread.

Follows, the release notes for MCX8000 v2.0 firmware:

MCX8000 Firmware v2.0 Release Notes

  • Added support for Engine Prime prepared USB drives

  • Added Mic 1 attenuation control utility menu option (0dB to -20dB)

  • Added Mic 2 attenuation control utility menu option (0dB to -20dB)

  • Added Talk Over level utility menu option (-20db to -40dB)

  • Added Talk Over resume type utility menu option (fast, normal)

  • Added Booth Receive mic signal utility menu option (on, off)

  • Added Beat Grid support for Engine Prime prepared USB drives

  • Added Beat Grid slide feature

  • Added Quantize feature

  • Added Quantize options 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1-beat and off for setting/triggering hotcues and loops

  • Added Beat Sync feature

  • Added 12 o’clock platter LED reset for cues

  • Added BPM sorting when browsing songs through BPM Filter

  • Fixed issue where “unknown” was displayed for track name in crates & playlists with over 500 tracks

  • Fixed issue where device would not register as MIDI device on certain Mac OS systems

  • Fixed issue where pitch fader was not reported in the SysEx initialization message

  • Various additional bug fixes and stability improvements

For those not in the Public Beta Testing program, the download link for tested, and publicly released MCX8000 Firmware will be issued upon the successful completion of this Public Beta testing.


Hi @Gee_DenonDJ, I would be happy to load this in and test the new firmware. I use the controller 3 times a week in different scenarios so would hopefully discover any anomalies quite quickly.



Hey @Gee_DenonDJ ! I would like to test the new Firmware v2.0 for the MCX8000. So i would be happy to load the new Firmware!


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@Gee_DenonDJ hey there @Gee_DenonDJ, im happy to hear about the Firmware V2.0 and i would be happy if i can test the V2.0.

I will try to share all my positive and negative experiences with you


Hi @Gee_DenonDJ ! I would like to test the new Firmware v2.0 for the MCX8000. Thank you.


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hey @Gee_DenonDJ I wish to test the mcx8000 firmware 2.0 public beta

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Hi @Gee_DenonDJ ! Ready to test it, from south of France :wink:

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Hi @Gee_DenonDJ, I would be happy to participate in the beta testing for firmware v2.0.

Cheers, Kevin

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Hey @Gee_DenonDJ ! Thank you very much for your and the team’s work on this one. Really appreciating it. Thus, I would be happy to participate.

Regards, Jonas

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Hello @Gee_DenonDJ ! I am very willing to be part of the beta testing. I own my own MCX8000, and do not do gigs regularly (due to my schedule) but would love to test out 2.0! I have been working with my second MCX8000 under a configuration that has been very stable, and would love to help update Denon to a stable platform. I have been sharing my experience with others on here on how I have got a stable running unit. Thanks! Please reach out to me!

Dave Lenharr

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Would like to test the new Firmware. Please consider me as beta tester.

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I would be delighted to test this new update, I live at very top of Scotland near John O Groats and am probably only person in this area with MCX8000

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hello I am willing to try the fireware for my denon mcx8000 because I had a problem with the software since thank you very much.

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Hey @Gee_DenonDJ ! I would like to test the new Firmware v2.0 for the MCX8000. So i would be happy to load the new Firmware!

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@Gee_DenonDJ yes i would like to try this new firmware download thanks

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Hey @Gee_DenonDJ! I also would like to test the new Firmware v2.0 Beta!

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Hi, I’d like to join the group of beta testers MCX8000. Regards, Mario.

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Hello @Gee_DenonDJ ! Ich würde gerne die neue Firmware v2.0 für den MCX8000 testen, da ich mit dem MCX viele Stunden in der Woche verbringe :slight_smile: Gruß Charles


Hi Gee. Because I own the MCX8000 for over 1.5 years, i’m interested in testing a new beta firmware for MCX8000. MCX8000 using often on small mobile events.

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hallo @Gee_DenonDJ ich würde gerne die Beta Firmware Testen gruss Dj Franco

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