Not importing all my songs into playlists and crates

I have a playlist in iTunes with 576 songs. i update Engine prime with the iTunes library it shows 576 songs in the playlist. When I drag it to a crate or playlist it only shows 450 songs in the crate for playlist I’ve try doing it with a smaller playlist & still do not import all the songs

When you try smaller amounts of files to move, is it always the same particular files which won’t move?

YES in iTunes I convert the files to AAC Version and it still don’t work should I convert ID3 TAG

i have had the exact same problem. all my files are mp3 - its very frustrating!

The same problem I have when sums up from Serato to Engine. I never care about the exact amount of mp3 files in the folders. I have to fix the problem manually.

Chiming in real quick: I’m having a similar problem and what I’m noticing (perhaps coincidence, perhaps not) is that songs that have the same title, relatively (ex: Funky House Tune - Original and Funky House Tune - Remix) aren’t imported and must be done so manually. Is that a mechanism to prevent duplicates that is perhaps acting a bit too aggressively or is it simply a coincidence? If the former, I’d love to have an option to disable the “prevent duplicates” functionality.

Having said all that, I’m a realist and understand that we’re still working with the release candidate of the software and more features/fixes will be implemented as time goes by, hopefully this hiccup will be addressed in the next update.