Not enjoying this Controller one Bit

Hey Guys,

I have just got myself this MCX8000 after many years of playing funky Beats on the DNS 3 & 5000’s, I have downloaded a whole stack of tracks to Scandisk USB Drives to use this Controller in Stand Alone mode as I Beat mix and do all the TurnTable stuff myself, I absolutely hate Serato and have never been confronted with something so difficult in all my life, my tracks on my USB work in all my other devices, in both my cars but not my MCX8000 so before I contact Denon and tell them how let down I am Im sure this is quite simple, please keep in mind Im not a computer guy, I run a Windows something system and Please Help ??


Did you update to the latest firmware?

What files are you playing?

Did you use Engine Prime to put the songs in the USB?

Make sure you have the MCX compatibility option checked so Engine Prime can alert you on files that can be played on the 8000.