Noise thru headphones and issue with track preview

I have a low level noise at all times thru my headphones. Its not an issue when I’m listening to music but is quite noticeable in silence. Is this normal? Do I need a power conditioner?

I also have issues nearly every time I practice with the preview track not working correctly on all layers. I turn the fader completely down and pause the deck and it still says to lower channel volume. I’ve had both channels refuse to load and had to reboot. I’ve had preview refuse to work on one layer and work fine on the other. I’ve had preview on both deck stop working and had to reboot both tables to fix it. Am I missing something? I’m running the latest firmware on both my tables and my mixer. Sorry if this is a question for the SC5000m sub-forum but I’m not sure if its a communication issue or a media player issue.

I had similar issues with my X1850 on the 1.1 update. But after going back to Vers. 1.0 everything works smooth again.

Check your network cable and maybe try different ones. The latest software for the X1800 shouldn’t have the same bug as 1.1 for my X1850.

Network cable has nothing to do wig this. It looks like internal grounding issue. There were several posts about it.

The player gets the information where the fader is through the Network cable that’s why i assumed it could be bad.

I had only issues with this with firmware 1.1 so can’t believe it’s an internal grounding issue if it’s never happening on firmware 1.0 at least with the X1850.

@Lukas-We I was refering to this.

That makes sense with grounding. :grinning: