Noise Sweep FX always on

Hi guys new here, sorry to be a pain (hope I’m posting in the right area)

I received my prime 4 on Monday and everything was fine, updated to recent firmware etc

This morning I’ve been having a play with some tracks and pressed the noise effect button, usually as we all know, you press the button then turn the knob to activate the effect, however as soon as I pressed the button it was playing loud, I checked all the knobs and all where in the middle / norm position.

I thought maybe give the knob a quick turn and it will reset, which it didn’t, finally I turned it off and reinstalled the firmware but that didn’t fix it either

As I said at the start of the week there was no issues it just seems to have started this morning, has anybody experienced this / any advice please??

Hi @DJWAZZ07 - Welcome to the community!

You’re in the right place and you’re not a pain at all. We’re here to help!

So the Noise Sweep FX on your PRIME 4 is always on even with all Sweep FX knobs set to center position?

Does the noise sound go away if you pull the channel faders down?

If you go into the UTILITY and adjust the Noise Level does that have any affect on the output?

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Cheers for the reply, It managed to fix itself, I powered the unit off and left it for 30 mins, powered back on and it seems to have gone away, with regards to your question though, it was doing it with faders up and down. Simply just pressing the noise button would do just that "make noise :joy:

Interesting. Well let us know if it happens again and we’ll be sure to help.

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