Noise On Jogwheel Of SC5000

I don’t feel comfortable changing the tension of the “Wheel Adjust”… when I felt it’s action the very first time, I decided to never use it and to leave the setting at “light”. With that said, would you guys please compare how quiet your jogwheels are at the “light” setting? I ask as I have some noise on one unit when I spin the jog wheel backward… the other unit is super quiet. This may be nothing to be concerned about but some re-assurance would be great. Just seems odd that one would be quiet and not the other. Or am I odd? lol Thanks😊

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hi mine was doing little noise and the platter was not stable on 1 and the other was ok so i get back to my store and they have a very good service they change for a new one .


FWIW, mine are as quiet as a whisper. Trying turning the Wheel Adjust knob to the max setting and then back again. If you’re still noticing a significant difference between the two units, you may want to consider contacting Customer Support.

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Both of my player are making some noise when i turn the jogwheel. One of them is a bit louder. Should they be quiet at all Wheel Adjust settings or just at light? Because the noise gets louder when turned to the Max setting.

So cool of you guys to acknowledge,share and respond to my request.Now, if only we can receive a official response to our concern… How cool would that be?

Yeah that would be nice… I also just found out, the tension on one of my players ist not that same all arround the jogwheel. There seems to be a spot where the tension in much heavier when i turn the jog all the way arround. I´m considering sending them back and get them changend, because i´m realy happy with the rest of those players.

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I would strongly encourage you to contact Denon or their support department directly. You will certainly a quicker response (this is not a knock against Denon or the Forum), and a case number for tracking.


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The tension system offers several settings. When comparing jog wheels between players always check that whatever tension setting one player is on, that the other player is on the same setting for comparisons. Slight differences in sound between players/platters is well within operational tolerances, and of course would never be in competition with the output from your speakers.


I accept this, thank you.

Yeah both players were on the same setting and there was a big difference. One player was smooth all arround with a bit auf resistance at medium setting, but the other one wasn´t smooth all the way arround at the same setting. I allready send one back. Sadly the new one had a problem with one feet, so the player was wobbly. I think its just bad luck, because the other player ist awesome. Maybe the next one will be the keeper :wink:

I have had similar issues and sent 1 back as at first I had only one player and the mixer but switched for two SC5000, and its almost identical in the way from about 3 on the tension knob it starts to rub and make a grinding and anything above it just don’t feel natural, although I just put it down to a design flaw, the jogs are not really worth trying to use at a higher tension without feeling awkward . Presuming everyone will be aware of such or similar in their own wording of it ?

Hi, i bought an sc5000 and while manipulating the platter (around the 7- 8 oclock position near the play button) it feels and sound like its rubbing/grinding against something. I’ve since bought another and it doesn’t have this issue.

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