Noise effect - very harsh transition

The sweep control on the noise effect transitions really abruptly. Say with the sweep fx knob in the 5 o’clock position barely any noise , 4 o’clock position same and then all of a sudden just past 4 o’clock LOADS of noise !

By 2 o’clock it’s then pretty well reduced in volume which leaves you with a small operating window and also means you have to ride the Channel Fader somewhat to balance it all out. It’s just not consistent in my opinion compared to say CDJ’s where you can set it all the way to max and slowly bring back to 12 o’clock and it stays even and consistent throughout.

I have edited the volume in the Utility menu to different settings but the harshness I have described is unaffected. I also think that it is the wrong approach to have to go into the Utility menu to change the db setting when the gain knob for that channel would be far better utilised and far more quickly adjusted, depending on the volume of the track and the intended severity of noise effect required. Some things are just done the right way on Pioneer gear IMHO

In anyone else experiencing this?

Apart from the fact that I seldom use it, I did set the noise level -6dB to make it less intrusive.

Don’t recall if the sweep acts as described. I will test.

Thanks for coming back to this.

I use it a fair bit on CDJ’s during build-ups and breakdowns and other creative uses of white noise. I’ve tried it at various db’s and its pretty much unusable because of how it transitions way to sharply. You have to ride the upfader to get it anywhere near usable.

Ive even compared it side by side in my studio with my DJM900NXS2 and its pretty horrible to be fair. So smooth on the Pioneer mixers.

Setting it via channel trim knob rather than in the utility menu is pretty much common sense too imho. Really hope something can be done about it.

Yes indeed, in Pioneer it works much better. I own a 900 SRT. The X1800 has just arrived and in fact the white noise is not very modulated, it must be modulated with the fader if you want a better result. If there are solutions about them present them …

I have experienced the same harshness when i use it.