Noise effect in firmware 1.5.1

Hi! Has anybody noticed that with the latest firmware the Noise effect sounds the same in both directions?

1 question: is it possible to listen the effects through the headphones?


I hadn’t noticed before now: in fact you are right, with 1.5.2 the noise makes the same sound in both directions of rotation of Sweep FX. With the old 1.4.x this was not the case. @PKtheDJ can you check too?

With Seep FX you can hear only the filter and noise in the headphones (CUE). While the other effects (FX1 & FX2) cannot be heard with headphones: in fact there are some modification requests in this regard. (link), You can click on the :heart: to give your preference


Yes, this was already noticed and mentioned some time ago now.

All we can do is wait…and wait…and wait.

But I haven’t found an official BUG report, maybe it was posted somewhere else?

I think this is the post

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Ok, but no one has reported the BUG, so it may never be fixed (except that maybe the result does not change even when reporting :joy: :japanese_ogre: :japanese_goblin:).

Do I open the report?


I contacted Denon directly and in theory they are aware.

On the other hand, could you help me in 1 doubt that i have? Maybe it is a ridiculous question but… If you don’ t mind to help me.

I want to update the playlist and music in my hard disk in the prime 4. If I transfer again the music from my PC through the software Engine, Will I lose the History, Hot cues and the playlist i made directly on the Prime 4?

Thank you.

OK, but I also made the BUG report so it remains written and cannot be lost: link

No, if everything works normally, this does not happen, because it would be absurd if it did: you must do a “synchronization” not a cancellation and then a new transfer.

I use USB sticks and SDXC cards in my Prime 4, so I can’t tell you if there are any hidden issues (BUGs) with 1.5.2 when transferring to the Prime 4’s internal HD; but surely if there had been, they would have already been reported by someone.

To be sure of getting the right result you will have to do the transfer of tracks, crates and playlists directly from Engine Prime. I recommend that you follow the tutorials that have been made on how Engine Prime works, so you don’t make mistakes: watch the Denon DJ youtube channel

#DjA thank you very much! I asked so because when i update the Itunes library in my Engine software it does not update automatically the crates and playlists that i created from ITunes before. It means, i have to delete them and create them again. It is a little bit confusing. I expected that the playlists that i have in itunes could be automatically updated in the Engine software, but not. Am I wrong? Thank you!

@PKtheDJ since you have the 1.6 beta installed, can you check if the bug (noise effect) also happens with that?

This was known, because for now Engine Prime can only import but not export to other libraries. On the other hand, if you create your Engine Prime collection on your PC and then export what you want to the remote drive (USB stick, SDXC, internal HD) you will see that you can then keep them synchronized.

Thank you. I don’t have the 1.6 beta version installed.

I don’t know how to better synchro the itunes with my Engine prime and Denon prime 4. It is not easy. Anyway, for the moment, i update my itunes library in Engine. Then i delete the playlists and crates i had and then a export the updated ones again, with the same name as before. Then, i will send them to denon prime 4. I will not lose hot cues done directly in denon p`rime 4 nor new playlist done there on the fly? Thank you for your help

I know, I was referring to PKtheDJ which has the beta version installed, not you.

You should import your old libraries into Engine Prime and then forget the old ones. You only work with the new library in Engine Prime: edit or create your crates and playlists on the PC, then transfer them into Prime 4. Just remember that playlists edited or created directly from the Prime 4 display cannot be transferred back to the collection on the PC: but there is a little trick to do it.

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I’m sure I did when 1.6 first came out. The first thing I did was to check if any issues/bugs had been fixed, and when it became obvious they hadn’t, I posted about it here - somewhere.

Can’t find where though.

@PKtheDJ so you mean that this noise problem is also present in the 1.6 beta?

Thanks and sorry because I misunderstood. I am new here.

I feel interested on that trick!

First try if the transfer from PC to console works, and then you will think about doing the reverse operation.

The trick to copy the playlists and history created on the remote drive from the Prime 4 (USB stick, etc) to the collection in the PC is as explained in this post: link

Here he explains how to import the history, but you can also do it with the content of the playlists created on the Prime 4: I have tried and it works fine.

Thanks a lot!

Yes it’s still broken. I think beta 1.6 only added new stuff. No existing problems were fixed.

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