No talkover, no prime 2 support

Hi everyone hoping you can help as there is NO support help for the prime … not happy. just bought this prime 2 and has talkover but doesn’t work any one have same issue and why is there no support for prime 2???

What do You mean by talk back? This is not a stage mixer. What kind of support do You need?

Hi @xCaptBluntx, welcome to the forum.

I don’t understand what you mean by “no support”.

I’ve only ever seen talkback (for the engineer to chat two ways with the singer/musician in the soundproof studio) on studio and broadcast mixers.

More recently this functionality has been copied to work in a spare audio channel down a phone/isdn/broadband/IP line for a stranded at home radio presenter to chat to a standard in the studio alone production engineer or stuck in different home co-host.

Either way, not a club/mobile DJ feature, which is who the Prime series (not just prime 2) is made for, so it’s no surprise that talkback isn’t on Primes.

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tried the support on here but only has prime 4 and all others no prime 2 or prime go try to but it under prime 4 but when i put in my serial number it didn’t match

Where did You put Your serial number?

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I still don’t follow, must be my lack of English. Do you mean issues with

Else I would like to know were on the forum, you’d want to enter your serial number.

“On here” is a Prime2 category where you can ask other users for support or discuss with us on ongoing topics.

you people not under stand ??? can someone from denon help me only have 3 days left before i have to return the unit get pioneer i guess shame.

Maybe I’m missing something really obvious here but the Prime 2 has a “talk over” button in the mic section …

What do you mean doesn’t work?

I’ve approved and responded to your bug report.

The questions we have had in this topic, is that you state you didn’t get any support (where and from who?) after entering a serial number on this forum (where did you need that?).

We are here to help, but you must provide more and exact information. The sentences are somewhat gibberish to me, but my native tongue is not English.

Also, this is a community forum, that is backed by staff members next to their daily jobs. It’s not a support portal. For that, go to DenonDJ Global Support (link mentioned above).

Prime 2 is indeed not listed there yet (tagging @JWiLL to resolve this on the support website in nearby future) .

If you chose Prime 4 for your inquiry everything should be ok. You can explain that it concerns Prime 2 in your message. Please take in mind that it is weekend and technical support is active during office hours


thanks reese at lease someone else sees theirs no support but i did try to but it under the prime 4 but then it asks to put in serial number … told me mine is invalid number it worked fine when i registered it.

Okay clear. Of course you have support; the unit is new. It only seems there’s an incomplete support webform, but that’s something for Monday.

@Addie, you have a Prime2 and perhaps a microphone? Could you test also? That way we can determine if it’s a hardware defect or software bug.

@xCaptBluntx, what type of microphone do you use? It should be dynamic; unless you use a phantom power plus condenser microphone. Perhaps we should put that info in the bug report.

lol i use a shure wireless 58 and tested with shure 58 wired both work fine just no talkover … hope they will put in the controls for the mics same as prime 4 with the official release… NO they dont use phantom power.

Great, the SM58 is the most used dynamic microphone. All good.

Both MIC inputs have the same talk-over problem or lack thereof? I hope Addie can test also.

Btw. Which controls do you want to see put in? MIC attenuation perhaps?

(I’ll be of to bed in a moment, so will read answers tomorrow) :relaxed:

Yes I can do some testing, have both Prime 2 and SM58 here… currently busy with Prime 4, but will switch to Prime 2 later tonight.

@xCaptBluntx, firmware version & build?

  • Press and hold VIEW
  • click UTILITY
  • Scroll down to DEVICE INFO
  • Please give Firmware Version (also the long code number)

@xCaptBluntx I tested with my Prime 2 and talkover works for me. When you provide your build number of the firmware I can verify the firmware is exactly the same.

Must be noted: For Prime2 the features talkover resume and Talkover level will not be available in Utility (like they are on Prime 4). The talkover is a fixed setting just to toggle on and off with the dedicated button.

beta 1.4.1 5d1b46c9e decks version 00.38 controller version 00.58 thank you for your help.

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@xCaptBluntx I tried, but cannot reproduce the issue. Sorry…

Video here

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