No source error during my sets

Hi everybody.

I am experiencing a strange problem with the direct link connection between my 2 sc5000 prime players. To clarify, i am not using a x1800 prime as mixer but instead a xone DB:2. While i am playing a set, randomly the connection between the players cut out, so that the linked player shows me the message: no media source found. This happens randomly during my sets. sometimes it happens after 5 minutes of playing … sometimes it happens after more than 1 hour. Most of the time the connection reestablishes itself after a couple of minutes, but sometimes i have to power down the linked player and while the player is powering up again, i have to use the second layer of the player with my usb harddrive attached. The harddrive is exFat with aprox. 3500 songs on it.

Does anybody experience the same problems?

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Did you try another LAN-Cable?

That is the reason why the Player has two layers, so you can Play if one unit fails. :rofl:


Yes i did try another LAN-cable. several of them but it makes no difference.

is the hard drive defragmented and fast? Some hard drives also slow down really badly if they full of over 75% full. if could be the local player gets data from the drive just about fast enough, but combination f a slow drive and a network cable slowing the slow drive data down even more is too slow for the player to feel safe about the connection, so kicks in the error message.

Well i am using a Seagate Extension 1tb drive, exFat, with 7200 rpm and usb 3.0 connection. Currently there are approx. 100 gb of music stored on it. The thing is … the link connection worked just fine right from the beginning when i first used the drive formated as Fat32. The error started to occur after i had the infamous corrupt database error. i formated the drive and rebuild the database through engine from scratch (importing and analysing the files).

External harddrives are not fully supported yet. I would only use usb sticks or memory cards in a live setting for now.

Also there is a limitation on the database size. I don’t know off hand but if you search the forum, you can find the size limit.

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Here is a update on the error. It still occures and this time i am using a 8 gb usb stick exFat with 21 engine prime analysed tracks on it. after i played the first track on the linked player, the connection started to drop out periodicly every 2 or 3 minutes. It seems to me, the this database error (discussed in another thread) that happend proir to this is the reason. maybe all of my files got somehow corrupted by engine prime so that, no matter how often i analyze and rebuild my collection, the error will always occur again until i stop using the link at all and use instead 2 identical thumbdrives or something like that.

I Am using an external SSD . It ist about 500GB and there are about 380 GB Music on the SSD (i am an allrounder DJ :wink: ). It works good. I formatted the SSD as XFAT. May be that your FAT32 ist the reason for your faults. Try again with XFAT formatted HD. The SC5k on which it is fixed, starts immediately but the second one (connected via LAN via X1800) needs about 30 sec to detect the SSD on Player A. Just try with XFAT

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Like i said earlier … neither fat32 nor exFat seems to work. there is no difference … the connections drops randomly no matter if it is exFat or fat32. Same goes for my 8gb and 32gb thumbdrives. i have tried different lan-cables as well but the connection still drops randomly. i mean, it is not that big of a deal to use a single thumbdrive for each player for now until this issue gets fixed. but if this is a software problem with engine prime or something similar, than this would be a major setback.

Do you lose the link lights on the back of the deck too (if thats possible to check once it cuts out), I know that has been a question/concern in the past where another user was totally losing the link/connection so the DB corruption would be irrelevant if you completely lose the actual link, lights and all

I will check that after work. the link led on top of the player cuts definitely out when the connection is lost.

Do not format HDD/SSD over windows. Using Hiren’s Boot to format, reformat any HDD / SSD,

  1. Remove the MBR sector via Hirens boot. Removes all data of the HDD completely.
  2. After step: Again format SSD/HDD to FAT32 or exFat.

Or used (non isntal app) “guiformat” for format your HDD/SSD or USB stick. app guiformat is a reliable formatting method. It works fine for me.

Although it says in the manual, but perhaps it’s better to use a separate lan switch when connecting two SC’s? Or a cross cable to be sure.


Are you really using -1- 500GB SSD with 380GB of music, this SSD is coneccted to 1 SC5000 and the other SC5000 can find the files without any problems?

How many music files are this and are all these music files analysed by engine?

Can you please let us know the size of your engine database file? I have 150GB of music files, my engine data base is ± 2.5GB and the linked SC5000 can’t read from this drive, only the SC5000 connected directly to the drive can read the files.

Yes it works with a Trick. I First analyzed My complete Collection. Then it did Not work because the Library file was too big. It must not be more than 2,4GB. I know that i never ever will need all files but i didn’t want to reduce my collection because as an Allround-DJ it might be that I Need sometime a track of the erased ones. What I did: New Library in Engine Prime I deactivated "atomatic analyze" I Imported the whole collection. The tracks were imported but not analyzed. But they are all in the Collection and you can search and find them with the SC5000. Then i analyzed all of my favourite crates. Thats it.

Now I did about 25 Jobs with it and the tracks i did not analyze before were analyzed on the fly by the SC5000. After 25 Jobs i think now nearly all Tracks I really Need are analyzed and the Library is now about just 300 MB. Lots of Space left and all the other Tracks are still searchable . Works fantastic! If i Need a track that is not analyzed yet i can find it and analyze it on the fly. Nice;)

I connected the SSD on one SC5000 and the other SC is connected by Ethernet. Works.

Another tip by the Way: i have a complete Clone-Backup on a normal Extern HDD (USB 3.0) it is nearly as fast as the SSD on the SC5000.

Sorry for my Bad English (German and T9 on iPhone…) i hope, it was possible to understand me :wink:


I am experiencing the same problem like Rabbotzo is describing…This occurs after the last firmware update. Something is going wrong with some units and the update (not casual) with the network (it is independent of the mixer). I have tried connecting the two sc’s or through the x1800 and the network is lost anyway. One player is set as “player 2” and after 5-10 minutes this player go back to “player 1” changing the layer colors set, too.

im experiencing same Problems… During session Network Lost… after Restart its ok for 10 min… and then again the same …. Im new to denon and i love those Players, but i start to think that Quality is too bad and have to swich back to Pioneer :frowning: hope there is some solution soon …


Hi All,

A long shot as it was a while ago now but did you manage to resolve the issues at all? Im having the same problem with new SC5000’s and x1800. Keeps dropping to “no source” in the linked player every few minutes. Is it worth me ordering new LAN cables or buying a newly formatted USB or SD card? I’ve logged it online with DENON. Twice now in the last 2 weeks. Disappointingly nothing has come back.

Any advice very much appreciated.

A new cable will be my first port of call

You can also try linking them direct to each other.

If that fails, you may have a wonky LAN socket.