No Sounds on x1800 and sc5000

Hi, please help… I have 2 sc5000’s connected digitally to my x1800 both network cables are plugged in and solid green light on both, solid yellow on the x1800, and a flashing yellow light on the 5000. I am not getting any signal to the mixer at all, neither decks send a signal to the 1800… everything powers up perfect, when I play a track they appear to be playing ok on the 5000 but no metering lights on the 1800, I am at a loss… did I mess up some utility setting? I tried it analog to nothing. so I hooked up a mike and it works getting reading on the meter but no sound coming out of the both that is what I have been using. so I tied the mike with xlr from the main, mike works but still no sound coming from the 5000’s… so why isn’t my booth outputs working and why am I not getting any signal in for music. please help… stuck in the cold winter in Ohioland with no music to warm me up :slight_smile:


Did you connect the RCA cables?

What do you mean by this?

Post a picture of how you connected showing rear of the 1800, rear of the 5000 and top panel of the x1800

He probably means he’s connected sc500s via S/PDIF to the mixer, maybe there is an option in the mixer / player settings that he has to change?

Yeah a photo would be great indeed. Top and back.

I presume you’ve set the channel inputs to DIGITAL or ANALOG? Depending on how it’s connected of course.

What if you connect another line level device (analog for instance)?

S/PDIF from 5000 to 1800 set on digital, with network cable… don’t have a pic i am at work…

Could you share how you fixed it? :wink:

Then I’ll close the topic.

Connect cables to the spdif connections. The network cables don’t transfer audio.

that is what i use but never mind i got it working had a setting off… thanks for the help