No Output what so ever

New here and just received the MCX8000 today. Using virtualDJ 8 (latest) Win 10, I7 quad core (Alienware)

Download and install both the windows driver and the firmware.

First off there is no output. No from mains XLR or unbalance RCA. Nothing from booth output and nothing in headphones.

Channel 2 does not even show on the master level.

Even tried engine using the Denon USB drive supplied with the unit.

Was so excited to receive this.

Please help.

AtlantaDJ - DJ Bally Atlanta GA

The Engine mode not working is a little concerning. But let’s start with the basics anyway just to be safe. If you can post a screenshot of your VDJ settings (or let us know what they are) most issues start there with an audio configuration problem.

It says new users can not up-load images.

It clearly show that the Denon MCX8000 Asio dirvers are being used for all 4 channels.

Also since doing the firmware update, the unit no longer reads the USB trumb drive.

All 4 channels display sound on the VU meters but none show output on the main out VU meter.

Apologies you are having these issues with your unit, I have flagged this thread to our service team who will be in touch very shortly to provide the quickest possible resolution.

Under output make sure you have speaker + headphones selected and not external mixer. A lot of VDJ users mix that up in the configuration.

It sounds like tech support will be in touch with you soon too. Good luck!

I am pretty sure I tried that too, but will do again and report back. However, that should not be a requirement. The external mixer option should be used so that you can use the controller headphone jack and all four channels. This setting has worked for me for the past 10 years or more.

I know I have the option of returning the unit, but I got a good deal and it has the red and white knobs that make it look even better. I have always been a Denon user, except when they seemed to disappear from the market for a while and Pioneer was dominating.

Thank you, I hope to hear from them soon.

Just retried the speaker/headphone setting, still nothing.

That is incorrect - those settings have nothing to do with how many channels your controller has. It is awkwardly named in VDJ which I think leads to all the confusion, but the speakers+headphones option is for any controller that uses the software mixer for USB its channels (which for the record is almost all of them - noteworthy exceptions: Denon 6000mk1, Pioneer SZ, and some ADJ models).

The external mixer setting totally bypasses the software mixer functions and sends a raw signal to each channel on a hardware mixer. Almost no controllers are set up this way (with some of the major exceptions noted above).

As the 8000 uses software mixing for its USB channels, speaker + headphones would be the correct setting (this config is shown in the VDJ manual for 8000).

However, this would all seem to be moot as it appears to be something else going on with your controller. Hopefully tech support is able to help. Good luck!

Hello Dj Bally,

If you don’t mind a stranger helping, you can bring your controller to me (Buford / Dacula area) or I can meet you at your place if you don’t live too far with my MCX and we can see what’s what. I don’t use VDJ but we can at least check if it’s really a hardware issue or not with my working USB stick. I can also try your controller with Serato. You can also try to take it to a local guitar center and they may help. Don’t call to ask permission… just bring it in.


DJ Serge,

I had sent you a pm. Since I did not get a reply, I went to my friends house and tried the unit with Serato. The sound card is fried for sure.

Rather than returning the unit, I am applying for warranty repair.

Thanks everyone for your help!