No option to import from USB following update to 1.2.2 - newbie question

i just took ownership of an sc5000. I updated to the most recent firmware and when I plug in a USB with rekordbox prepared media I don’t get the import media box I see others get on the tutorial videos? Im new to all this digital stuff so bear with me if its an oversight…

When I plug in my USB with rekordbox prepared media and explore the USB thumb drive there are 3 sections. ‘contents’…this, I believe , lists all the tracks and from here I can load them up one at a time ‘engine library’ which is empty and ‘Pioneer’ which then has 2 sub folders Artwork and USBANLZ…presumably this is the rekordbox analysed stuff.

Can anyone advise why ii don’t get the option to import all the media when I plug the USB in? if I load the tracks individually, they do get analysed by the SC5000 and are then available in my list of prepared tunes but I need all the tracks being prepared together.

Many thanks for the help.


Hmm… I haven’t actually even tried that feature again lately.

How did you format your thumb drive? Has to be fat 32 and mbr Works flawlessly for me

Hi @phildat,

Because you don’t get the import prompt at all, it would seem the SC5000 doesn’t recognize the rekordbox database.

As @Fons mentions, make sure that your drive is formatted to FAT32 (it’s probably worth reformatting if you haven’t done this in a while). You may also may then want to make sure that your version of Rekordbox is fully updated, and then re-export the library to your thumb drive and try again.