No more Denon headphones?

Hello, I have noticed that the headphones disappeared from the denon page, is it that they will no longer sell headphones? Is there still any way to buy them?

Thanks and regards

Maybe it’s all about Prime now, and how would you “Prime” a set of headphones, without gimmicking the heck out of them with LEDs on each ear up and dimmers and EQ and all that rubbish.

The HP 600 / 800 and 1100s are available in quite a few online stores if thats what you mean. Although I’m also curious to know about this as I’m considering purchasing the HP 1100s but would like to know first if there are any new DJ headphones in the pipeline by Denon? If not then I’ll be going for these, hope to hear a reply from a Denon representative and thanks in advance!

You can get some great deals on the HP range online too

Well, prior Denons I believe were made by Foster. I find it hard to believe that Denon DJ is going to do that when they have their own factory now. However, the PHX drivers Numark used were quite good, just horribly mismatched. As part of InMusic’s ongoing efforts to fix their QA issues, they ought to develop some procedures and processes to catalogue responses and levels of the PHX drivers in their inventory, then match driver pairs together like Sony, Sennheiser, and AKG do so successfully. A rebranded Denon DJ PHX Prime (as in premium version) with good stereo driver matching could sell quite well, IMO. I also have another idea, but I will keep that to myself for now.