No more dedicated Serato controller

In a recent Zoom conference with DenonDJ they confirmed the MC7000 is now EOL and no longer for sale. This means that DenonDJ currently have no dedicated Serato controller in their lineup.

I questioned this and they said they are focusing all resources on Prime at this time. So no Serato products at this time, although there maybe in the future.

I would think this will remove a fairly large chunk of Denon sales as Serato is very popular. I myself have a MC7000 and its a great bit of kit.

Whats everyones thoughts on this ?. Its odd Denon still have the controller products listed on the main website, and yet they all no longer exist.

Prime series is Serato compatible so no great loss tbh…

Its the price point. MC7000 was a large size 4ch Serato Controller @ 700 UK Pounds. Half the current price of a Prime4.

The 7000 will still be available on the used markets, it’s not going anywhere soon (there’s still stock on some first party marketplaces).

All that’s happened is that no new units are being manufactured, so once the first party marketplaces run out of stock that’s it from them and the used marketplace will be the one to turn to.

It’s a 2016 product, what do you really expect? It’s had a 4 year manufacturing lifespan which is pretty good. All efforts are now focused on the prime series (and rightly so).

Also consider that Prime, which denon is focusing on as standalone , can be dropped into a serato mode

Serato is probably scared to death of Denon DJ’s Prime ecosystem and not inclined to support it. In my opinion, the Serato DJ/Prime interface has lots do be desired in comparison to the Virtual DJ build. The 6000’s have been out for several month and still there is no announcement of Serato compatibility. Serato see’s the writing on the wall and wants no part in their own demise.

Being a Serato DJ user (15+ years and swore by it), I’m now glad to be free of my laptop at gigs.

People complain about the price of a Prime 4. Here’s the thing:

The average DJ will have at least a controller ($700 to $1100) plus a MacBook Pro ($800 to 1500), so on average you are looking at $1500 to $2600 for your setup.

Prime 4 is $1899 & Prime 2 is $1499 (and no need to carry a laptop).

Yes, you still need a laptop for music prep, but it doesn’t have to be state-of-the-art to perform this task.

I think that’s going to be a more and more significant scene over the next few years of DJ hardware evolution.

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Tbh, most manufacturers are getting tired of the Serato tax. It’s almost the full price of a serato license that a mfg must pay in order to have serato compatibility. That’s $150-200 usd added onto the price of each unit.

That aside, InMusic has plenty of Serato products already. Denon, as part of the group, really has the ability to stand on its own and focus directly in its own ecosystem now. 2021 is gonna be a great year for DJ tech overall, with the club standard no longer applying to modern deejaying.

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Some of the retailers I was talking to on their stands at a DJ gear exhibition were saying about this too.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the top of the range gear soon is standalone above serato and is pure standalone, with only the home/economy crossover gear being Serato, virtual DJ and traktor.

Seratos bubble burst with them insisting on the SL boxes being needed, “traktor certified” means nothing these days either. Rekordbox going monthly subscription isn’t being well received either.

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