No longer able to have my master library on HFS+ Disk

I posted this over on the Facebook group so posting it here now too.

I have a Mac that I use Apple Music to manage my library, this library is stored on an external hard drive formatted as HFS+. From here this is where I managed my library in EP 1.x before syncing it to an internal SSD on my Prime 4.

Previously in EP I could audition/listen to songs from that HFS+ drive on the Mac. I could set cue points etc and that worked well. When using Prime DJ 2.x while I can see the crates and analyse music as before ( it even looks like it might have addressed a long standing bug with accented characters), I am no longer able to load a track on one of the decks to audition/manage it. A dialog is presented saying I can’t load media as it is not an exFat formatted disc.

I imagine if my library was stored internally on the Mac’s main HFS/+ drive this would not be an issues. I can see why this should be an issue now. This drive is never mounted in Prime Hardware, only on the Mac.

From a disc maintenance perspective on a Mac it seems ludicrous to store my Apple Music Library on a non HFS/+ disc. The manual even says HFS/+ discs are a valid option.

Surely this is a bug?


I have my collection as well on APFS drive, luckily it’s a thunderbolt external which bypasses the USB bus, so it doesn’t throw up the same issue you reported.

If I connect that same drive via USB (it has usb as well) I get same issue as you.

Hope they rethink this decision

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It seems like a super poor decision, almost like they say any disk on the USB bus will be connected to Prime hardware which is simply not accurate. They really need to rectify this.