No import to Engine DJ 2.1

Hi folks,

I have a major problem with Engine DJ importing from Traktor 3 Pro. Here is my setup and what I did so far:

  • Using a rather new M1 Mac mini (at least in terms of Engine DJ and Traktor)
  • Installed both Traktor 3 Pro and Engine DJ v2.1
  • My tracks are stored on a Synology NAS
  • They are managed in as they always have been
  • In Traktor 3 I used the integration of the to import my playlists with the tracks
  • The Cuepoints, keys and tagging are done by MIK8 and work absolutely fine in Traktor
  • In Engine DJ I can find the Traktor.nml and update the Traktor Library. After that I can see and play/preview the tracks from there. All hot cues and stuff are there and useable.


  • When I right click on a playlist or the entire collection and say “import as playlist” or “import to collection” nothing happens what so ever. There is no reaction to the command in any way and this goes on for days now.

I complety am out of ideas what to do and you guys are my last resort - it is highly appreciated if you can even just direct me into the right way to solve this problem. Please ask for any information I missed providing and I will provide you with what I can deliver. I searched not only here but the entire web for a related problem, but found nothing, so i hope it is okay, having opened this thread. otherwise please feel free to merge it with a similar issue - punishment anticipated :smiley:

kindest regards and thanks for all ideas that you can come up with


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No NAS support in Engine

Still? I did know that in terms of Engine Prime and was thinking - i might have read it “somewhere” - that engineDJ does support network storage… sh** :frowning:

Anyway. Thanks for the fast reply @mufasa. Now I have some thinking to do I guess - or I have to get back to the tools of … They worked before the upgrade to M1 and will still do now. I just wanted to speed thinks up and sleek them down a bit…

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Hi again.

So I tried mapping the NAS with a symbolic link on a mac and the link itself works quite well and is very useful despite the Engine DJ issue - so thanks for this hint at least.

However it does not change a thing to the Traktor integration issue in EngineDJ. It still is not possible to import the collection or the playlists as they still sit on the network storage.

So: PLEASE Denon DJ: make it possible to use tracks from a network storage!

Anyway: I installed the Denon Conversion Utility by and it works just fine. Even more so: now my hot cue are highlighted in individual colors again. :smiley: I like his tools - wanted to go a different way, but still like that it is made possible.

Thanks to you guys - foremost @mufasa for the help you provided - sped things up a lot.

Have a great transition to 2022 and stay safe and healthy! Nils

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