No headphone output at all

Hey, today - finally! - my prime 2 arrived. Everything works, EXCEPT: headphones. No output at all. Neither the master signal (regardless of the Cue/Master-Mix-Knob), nor the channels with “cue” activated. Headphone’s completely silent, also rotating the level-knob makes no difference. But headphones are working (I tested them) and I do DJing since many years, so I think I know the basic concept of cueing/mixing/etc. :slight_smile: Master and booth outputs are working as expected, also aux input (except cuing of it, also silence). Actually I think there is a hardware failure and I have to send it back. Or: Can you help me? Is there any trick I didn’t get? Greetings from Berlin/Germany

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Same as me same problem if u find the fix tell me please im going nuts here

Turned out that it was indeed a hardware failure. My dealer sent me another one and now everything is fine. Sad to hear that you encountered the same issue. :frowning: