No FX recorded multi tracking in Logic

I have all 4 channels individually tracking in Logic Pro so I can work on mashups/mixes and play around with each track edits in post. But I can’t get the FX to come through from the X1800 to these separate channels or record. Any advice? Thanks!

Hello @DJCinqaSept Welcome to the forum.

Effects section is routed to master. So if You want to have the channel with fx on it and rout it back to Logic - you need to rout back Master from x1800.

Thanks for the quick reply! Shoot, that is disappointing. I was hoping to freely edit individual tracks that I’m sending to Logic from the X1800 and each with their own FX that I’m doing live… but then wanting to adjust fade ins, edit parts etc of each track with their individual FX in Logic. Since I’m new at this… just making sure you mean I can only ever record FX using the master tracks (channels 9/10?) in Logic? Which means it’ll be editing the whole mix of all channels I’m sending? I wonder why there isn’t the capability to send FX on each track.

Thanks again.

It is like that, by design in most club mixers, the fx are post fader and there is only one fx unit fr all tracks, so. USB sound card is mostly for DVS and computer playback - rather simple, as dvs signal needs to be clean, not with effect on it. For individual sends with effect You need something like a xone 96 maybe…?

Ok thanks! appreciate the help.

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You’re welcome. Happy mixing :slight_smile:

Xone:96 doesn’t have any FX onboard. The Xone:DB4 definitely has FX on each of the four channels - that’s the USP.

OTOH if you’re using Logic to edit then why not add FX in Logic?

Xone 96 has options to rout any channel individually to any send, so after running it thru (lets say a RMX1000), signal can go back to the mixer and be sent to the PC via USB. I know, there are some tricks to rout the signal internally in the DB4, but never had the option to play with it long enough to try all options. Can You add more info about it maybe? I’m curious what DB4 can do with the signal internally.

I don’t have a DB4 :slight_smile:

The main thing stopping me upgrading from my 92 back in the day was the seriously cut down mic section.

For me that section could not even exist :smiley: I want to buy both mixer very badly… DB4 and 96 - but other things are in the way so far…