No Cue in Headphones on my MCX8000

Looking for ideas as I trouble shoot a cueing problem with my 8000.

Channels 1 & 2 where my laptop is the source and the channels are set to PC, I only get the playing track in my headphones, never what is cue’d regardless of what I do with the cue, split cue or the two knobs.

Channel 3 an external line source nothing in the headphones at all.

Channel 4 another external line source, works exactly as it’s suppose to.


I have a backup MCX8000 but it would be a PITA to swap them out… but I may have to.

Not critical at all for this weekend’s event but the following weekend, needs to work.


Hey Jonny, I am having that exact same problem right now. Have you figured it out at all by chance?