No connection under Win10

Dear all, after 1 month I used my Controller for Livestream again, But as I opened Serato Pro and tried to connect my Controller I got the error message that there is no connection possible. I’m using an WIN 10 Laptop from Lenovo. If I connect the controller with my old WIN 8 Laptop everthings works. Does anybody has an idea what the solution could be? Many thanks in advance, Stephan

Sometimes Serato is evil but you can get it working even in W10.

Serato for MC7000 and then you have the Manual[PDF] and the Windows drivers[ZIP] for the unit.

Always install with Administrative rights and pause the anti-virus when installing new drivers.

Windows 10 is just a disaster for anything DJ related. It also causes non stop issues with Serato. Just see the Serato forums.

I installed Windows 7 Pro as a dual boot on my Win10 laptop. So i can boot into a clean Win7 and it just runs great with no issues.

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Have to somewhat disagree. I run quite a lot of DJ related and video production software on several Windows 10 machines with no issues at all.

Maybe a Serato specific problem rather than the OS?

i have dell xps running windows 10. works fine with my controllers