No audio to iphone

I just got my prime 4 2 days ago. Went to live stream tonight using an rca to trrs adaptor connected to a lightning to jack adaptor but the audio isn’t going into the phone. I tried from the master rca I then tried it from both booth and zone using xlr to rca then on to trrs Etc and still nothing. I was using the exact cable setup last Friday with my old pioneer controller and worked fine. I’m wondering if there’s a setting I need to change perhaps? I updated to the latest firmware when I got it so hopefully someone can help. Thanks in advance Alan

You may need the iRig or Griffin(?) Audio interface or Apple camera/usb interface

Thanks, I did think this but is there any reason why the rca to trrs that I was using with the pioneer worked on that but not on the prime?

I’m not sure. My last ownership of pioneer was about ten years ago. Since then, I’ve only used pioneer in places that won’t let me take my own gear in, and I don’t tend to take recordings in those places - I just go more for minimalist then.

trrs cables are notoriously undependable imho. Getting the right signal to the right ring is a challenge. At the very least you can’t route stereo rca to the mic input part of the trrs connector, as the mic is - by default - a mono source.

So for streaming purposes … well … not the best option. I have also found that if you use the lighting to mini-jack adapter (as modern iPhones don’t have mini-jacks anymore) this can add an extra layer of potential trouble. You’d expect it to behave like it was a hard-wired mini-jack, but a recent test with a dj splitter cable did not work as it was supposed to.

Have a look at this thread, in particular the document I shared at the end of my reply. As a possible alternative (with much more potential other uses) for iRig or Griffin or such.

Hi. I had that issue with the Rode TRS cable. Try unplugging one of the RCA cables - left or right. It doesn’t make any difference to the sound because the TRS only takes a mono signal to the phone in any event.

I only found this out myself after a lot of trial and error. I thought the TRS was faulty at first.

I’m the end I bought an Evermix 4 box instead. Miles better and high quality sound. Granted it’s over £100 but it’s a keeper!

I mentioned this in another thread on the subject of live streaming. Might be worth a look at some alternative suggestions.

ANY cable only takes mono to the iPhone, for the single reason that a microphone input, which is what you use in the iPhone, is -by definition- MONO.

Secondly, if you plan to use the P4 with such a cable (solution) and you are fine sending out only a mono stream, make sure you set your P4 to MONO with the switch in the back, otherwise you will not be sending a mono signal to your iPhone/stream, but only the L or R part of your stereo signal, thus leaving out a lot of musical information.

Simply tying together L+R signal to a single lead (for those of you who would like to use a 2x RCA to 1x mini-jack cable) will also not lead to a good mono signal. Summing a stereo signal into a mono signal needs proper processing, not just tying the two together.

Finally, keep in mind that a microphone input is designed to take a far lower input signal than a line signal (like which comes out of the P4), so be sure to work with appropriate output levels to avoid all kinds of clipping and such by a too “hot” signal on your iPhone’s mic input.

My three cents as usual

The Evermix 4 box does take a stereo signal form the P4 to the iPhone - and a good quality one too. Agreed the TRS is not the best quality (have to keep the master right down so as not to distort).
With the evermix you can crank the master up to reference levels as you would normally.

Thanks for all your inputs people. Got it sorted now and it’s the strangest thing, I have 2 types of cable, I had an av res/white/yellow to trrs 1 piece cable and the other I had a regular rca to rca connected to an av red/white/yellow to trrs adaptor… on the pioneer controller the one piece cable( which you would think would be best) was a terrible sound but using the rca into the adaptor worked fine. On the P4 however, the rca into adaptor did not work at all as I stated above, I then remembered about the one piece cable, tried that and works fine(not connecting the yellow video in either scenario). Strange but it works so can’t complain. One thing I noticed though is previously connecting to the laptop to stream using my 4K action cam was that the audio was terrible and tinny when connected… I’ve not tried the prime with this cable yet, will see if that makes a difference. Thanks again for all help and support!