Next Update of Firmware and Engine

How does it look like?

Will there be a major update soon or should we continue to work on semi-finished hardware and software? It is no fun anymore. If it does not change soon, I and I think, one or the other, will change to another solution. So much potential but just not maintained. So sad!!!

Barely a week ago denon gave us all an update on firmware and engine - have a read on the forum search

okay. o0 Where?

No, Paul gave us a sign of life and an update on how things are going. And that there is a lot to be adressed, in the still upcoming update. So here we are, patiently waiting. Held hostage by the postponed prime release or policys. All the online denon staff is super helpfull and friendly and keep our hopes and Dreams alive untill the right time. Pray with us.

I was using the SC5000M’s last night and honestly that’s the only thing holding those players back the software and that’s a shame.

Not sure about how do to links

Here’s a copy paste of what Paul at denon said on the main discussion about firmware

“ Hi everyone.

Well, this is quite the thread. 120 posts and counting. Firstly, apologies for a delayed reply from myself, and thanks @Chloe_DENONDJ for chiming in earlier. So I see the tonality is in a mixed bag of directions, concerns, frustrations, sarcasm, wit, humour, support and digs, encouragement and deprecation but hey, this is the platform after all for you to have your say - and it’s up to us to listen, absorb and react to the benefit of all members and customers alike. I’ve read through every post, noted as many concerns as can be logically and realistically responded to and will address them individually or grouped (deep breath!)…

’Regular Updates’ - As has been mentioned, software development teams work in Sprints. For these sectionalised periods within a year the teams have certain job allocations and tasks which are carefully planned beforehand then scheduled into the next upcoming sprint. New feature additions can be integrated, but they could affect or even ‘break’ other already solid, trusted and needed features so there is a roll back to repair then a forward movement again once all is looking good. It’s not wise to push out added features, fixes or improvements in a rushed manner. These things take time to test and fully regress, still making sure the new doesn’t break the old , so putting our user’s experience at risk. The latter is the last thing on our minds.

This is where our Forum members here (and of course some in this thread already are a part of this) may wish to consider joining our Beta Testing group. We’d encourage recruiting trusted individuals who are willing to test and try out firmware and software updates (in advance of release candidates) under a solid NDA capacity, than spend what precious time they have going backward and forward in threads which escalate like these. Please could you guys respond below if you feel you’d have the time to dedicate to that scenario so we can gauge interest for a further run of Beta Tester recruitment? This way, ‘ you ’ become part of the development story even further and with an additionally strengthened voice. Let us help you, help us and help everyone else who’s passionate about their investment in Denon DJ products and the future of the brand!

’High End Roll Off’ - You guys have been extremely vocal about this and for that we thank you and have listened. This has been improved in the high frequency response and will be available in the next FW update for the SC5000/M.

’Pitch Resolution’ - Again, noted and addressed. Pitch resolution will move back to a higher resolution and available in the next FW update

’Search Comments’ - available in the next FW update (and before you all ask… no I can’t give the exact date of this ‘next’ fw update, but I can say it is coming optimistically sooner than later).

’Too much focus on Prime 4’ - Naturally, the Dev team have recently been hugely focused on Prime 4 and their hard work was reflected in the highly (and on-going) positive response from the DJ community globally. However, pretty much any feature addition or workflow/performance improvement evident in Prime 4, is part of the main Engine Prime ecosystem of software - ultimately then, the SC5000 and SC5000M plus any future products bearing the ‘Prime’ badge, all benefit - as do customers who own the varying products. For example, the on-screen crate/playlist editing/management, realtime pitch-shifting and comment searching (see above) will all arrive in the next SC5000/M update.

As a rather large PS to the Denon DJ commitment to Engine Prime software (and associated hardware FW) development, some of you may have heard or read about our CEO’s recent investment into a new, dedicated tech/dev team, office and manpower over in Auckland, New Zealand. If not, you can read about that by clicking this link . This new tech facility has had a $10 million investment and the entire development team there is focused exclusively on DJ related software. This means, to you guys as our valued Forum members and customers/end-users globally, that software development, feature improvements, new innovations and technologies will be forthcoming at a very encouraging rate and frequency. In addition, inMusic has associated and connected Dev teams in the UK and Europe too (with our main Product Teams based in the US), all servicing ‘DJ’ products in various capacities. So, hopefully you’ll see, our foot is firmly on the gas and we are committed incredibly to offering the DJ world the best, most creatively effective DJ instruments for their performance work.

’Traktor HID’ - We have a good connection with the NI team and as all of you know, have together brought Traktor import into the Engine Prime workflow. No doubt the NI team have been focused largely last year on their new range of DJ/Studio products, and they too work in sprints, so we’d hope to continue working with them more this year on additional collaborative projects to meet the requests for HID/mixer certification etc.

’Build quality not as good as a CDJ’ - Without getting into a ‘I beg to differ’ conversation with that member, I’ll just state that of course we have the highest standards of robust build quality, metal chassis’, durability, reliability and overall quality control that was birthed with the genesis of Denon DJ, and inMusic continues to this day. My confidence in that statement is unequivocal.

The member who mentions ‘no repair parts are available’ or suggest they are costly anyway compared to our main competitor, again I’ll direct any requirements for repairs, parts, service or other product assistance to our frankly world-class Customer Support teams. Just ask for what you need on this Forum - it’s one of the reasons it’s here, and we have official eyes-on to best help you.

’X1800 Mixer FW Update’ - Correct, there has been only one major fw update for the X1800. I’m pleased to say however that another is approaching, and at a similar timeline rate as the above mentioned updates to the SC5000/M. You can look forward to some great improvements to the OLED screen usage, additional visual feedback elements and audio workflow improvements to name but a few.

‘Engine Prime’ - well, this is a thread about firmware updates, but (and the Beta Tester members viewing this already have an in depth heads up), we have some fantastic workflow, speed and efficiency improvements coming… and yes, soon too.

’Beat Grid Accuracy’ - this is something that is in continual development for improvement. Hopefully, all on this thread have the latest public release version installed on the Engine Prime librarian software (you do, right?) and of course the on-board analysis capabilities of the hardware (SC5000/M/Prime 4) are also effective (and to remind all, unavailable on any other standalone DJ product). The requests/demands for ‘flexible’ beat-grids hasn’t been ignored, as too we’ve acknowledged the sector of DJs who want a wider range of BPM analysis (at faster, drum 'n bass + tempo’s etc) - we’re listening!

Ok, so I hope this rather extended response has answered some of your questions, addressed some of your concerns and reassured all that we are here, we are working hard for you all and are totally committed to improving and enhancing how you work, play and perform with the choice and investment you’ve made in our products. We’re wholly passionate about them and glad you are too, but let’s try and keep Forum threads on-topic, constructive, non-personal and gather a strength of communication between us and your fellow members here that shows this as a truly world class DJ community who care the biggest damn for their art!

Best wishes”


I took the decksaver off my sc5000 for the first time in two months because I had to quickly trigger/loop some as hoc samples in Serato in HID mode so I could test out the TR-SYNC capabilities between Serato and my TR-09 and a borrowed TB-3 and TR-8. I also recently sold my DJS-1000 and some other Pioneer DJ gear, and currently I’m literally on my way to pick up a new Akai Force, which does have an explicitly stated upcoming firmware update turning the standalone sampler (with Ableton Link and wifi) into a virtual Push 3 for Ableton Live. Obviously these things are unrelated to what Denon DJ did/does/will do…but at least from an outsiders perspective - and/or someone not one of the parishioners of Paul’s congregation - one might surmise that while almost everyone else (except that other company with ‘dj’ in its name which has been unnervvingly quiet (a Bergmann-level Silence even) with barely a Pulse) seem to be marching ahead , experimenting, making actual impacts in DJs and musicians workflows and lives, the Prime ecosystem is starting to look insular and in need of (as evidenced here) aggressive and vociferous defending. Besides knowing how to write run on sentences, I don’t know much about how this all really works and though it would be super fantastic if I was wrong (really), I fear Denon DJ (maybe through no fault of their own) is just old wine in new bottles. m+. (PS. this is me not making a hangover reference qua metaphors).

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Hi all Like everyone in this forum I also want a great update of engine prime and the firmware of mcx8000 (which is the equipment I own) since at a personal level it seems a great team only that the firmware and software are not up to par , having said that, I prefer that an update be delayed a bit because by the mere fact of accomplishing goals it comes out defective and with bugs, it is true that between one update and another it spends a lot of time (something annoying if the current firmware has bugs) but if not obviously we all like regular updates to improve performance and give new features to our teams, but I go back and repeat it is better to wait a little longer for a firmware and solid software to have almost weekly updates full of bugs, I’m from those who have the hope that with the prime 4 the whole ecosystem will be updated because for logical reasons there must be improvements in the software that will require updating firmwares of the previous teams , since it lacks sense that a team like the prime 4 with an engine prime in the current state (it would be like having a ferrari with tires from the 20s of the last century) come out to the market, we are all anxious for prime4 but we hope that this delay is translated into good news of a much more polished and powerful software and firmware updates for all our equipment (Please include my MCX 8000 :wink: ) excuse my english greetings and thanks to all

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