Newbie Track Sorting Issue

Hi everyone

Apologies if this is something really basic but I have had a look and cant find an answer.

Im new to Engine Prime and to digital DJing in general. Ive built up a library of digital tracks, but it has grown messy and unsorted and this is my problem. I have imported some tracks into Engine Prime and edited there artist and track titles etc so it looks neat in there. However, I have then since tidied up the actual location of the files in Widows Explorer. I realise I should probably have done this first, so thankfully havent moved too many just yet. Obviously the files that have had their actual locations moved are now showing up as red in Engine Prime as the software cant find it in the orignal location anymore.

My question is, is there an easy way to cure this other than removing the red titles from my crates and re-adding them manually? I was wondering if there was someway to advise Ending Prime of the new location for the files it can no longer see.

Thanks in advance and all help greatly appreciated.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no “relocate lost files option”. They will show up as missing if you change the original location of the actual files.

Best to start afresh.

Since you are new to digital djing

Keep all your files in one location

E.g. All under DJ MUSIC

It will be easy for you to move the folder should you need to swap computers.

You can have some sub folders in that main DJ Folder. I have about 12 subfolders with loose genre types


  • DJ MUSIC > POP Etc

Thanks for the response.

Ive not put too much into Engine Prime just yet, so starting afresh will probably be the best option. Ive already made a start on creating a folder structure similar to how you described. I’ll go through the long, laborious job of tidying that up first before importing into Engine Prime.