Newbie -no artwork showing?

I took the plunge and have ordered the sc 5000’s and a x1800 which are being delivered next week. Right now I’ve just installed Engine Prime on my Mac and have added my FLAC files… but no artwork is showing :frowning: One of the features that I thought was neat (coming from vinyl) was the artwork showing on the players. Will the artwork not show on the players if it doesn’t in Engine Prime? Is there anyway of manually adding artwork for tracks?

I read that artwork should show for MP3’s but I’d much rather use FLAC files.

Can’t help you in FLAC files, but aiff’s work, so wouldn’t imagine that FLACs wouldn’t. Is it not just the image size? Have you tried different formats of image and different sizes?

I guess you are on to something.

I added two tracks (same tracks, one in Flac, the other in MP3) to my collection with no artwork. Both - of course - showed in track-listing with no artwork.

Then I used a third-party tool (Tag&Rename, but it should be the same with MP3Tag or any other tagging editor) to add the artwork (200x200) to both files. In windows explorer it now shows both tracks (in preview window) with artwork.

Fire up Engine Prime again (tagging works best if you switch Engine Prime off to avoid rights issues) and the files were still without artwork. Right-clicked on each file and then on “re-import track information”. The MP3 immediately showed the added artwork. The FLAC still didn’t.

Removed both files from the collection. Re-added them. Still same issue, the MP3 added with artwork showing, the FLAC still didn’t show artwork.

So clearly there is some kind of issue with artwork in (some?) FLAC tracks.

I don’t think FLAC files show artwork.

Eg I have FLAC files in my library and the album art never shows up, convert same FLAC files to AIFF and instantly the album art shows up without me doing anything more than a simple media conversion.

So when buying files now I buy AIFF as it costs the same as FLAC. I also do a bit of video editing with my tracks and FCPX doesn’t not recognise FLAC to the best of my knowledge.