Newbie: how can I do that (litlle bit confused)

Hy all, I explain what (it would seem) I can’t do:

  • I’m using Win10

  • My library is managed by MediaMonkey, disk S:, NTFS, organized under the root by years, some genre and other stuff (nested inside for other max 2 levels)

  • My Prime 4 has an SSD, disk E:, exFat, same size and structure as S:\

  • With the Prime 4 in Computer Mode I see correctly drive E:\ and S:, no issues.

  • To copy all files from S:\ I’ve exported and modified the playlist inside MediaMonkey, from S:\ to E:\ (Prime 4 drive and for opening directly in MediaMonkey)

  • Then opened it in Mediamonkey, selected all the songs and via drag & drop copied in the corrispondent crates (under Collection, left side) in Engine Prime. No problem.

  • In the nightime all tracks have been analyzed by SoundSwitch with Autoscript function. No problem.

  • I’ve also done the synchronization (perhaps no useful with internal drive ? Mmmh…) Then ejected the drive (with the Eject button, below near Devices)

And here the question I would like to analyze them all in SoundSwitch to start to play and understand more with the lighting software, BUT I can’t see the tracks here under \Engine Prime\Collection\AmericanGraffiti (and so on), I can see them only forward, here inside \Engine Prime\Folder\Collection\AmericanGraffiti (and so on).

Before I go any further by analyzing all the tracks, there is something wrong in my operate ? Perhaps is a behaviour due to the USB cable instead of the LAN cable ?

Sorry, long but for me (newbie) is a strange behaviour with, surely, something I don’t understand…