New Version - No download

Hi, i want to update my Prime Software cause it says there is a new Version. But the downloadpage did not work (404 Error).

Where can i download the actual Prime Version for my MCX 8000?

Greetings from Germany Kai-Uwe

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Likewise. I searched the site up and down, but the links all seem to be broken.

Nice to hear that is not only a problem of me :slight_smile:

Same here. Site problem.

They could be preparing for an UPDATE!!! Welllllllllll it’s possible! : )

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They seem to be doing a major overhaul of the website. I noticed when I clicked through today all the pages are getting redone.

Hopefully they get those links fixed up quickly for you!

Hi guys We’re currently in the process of updating the actual Engine Prime webpage - apologies for this slight delay but you can download the latest version of Engine Prime in the links below:

WIndows: Download Here

Mac: Download Here

Thank you for your patience Paul


(cough) changing stated specs (cough)


whatchu talkin bout willis?

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Hey @paul_denondj - could you let your web team know they seem to have overlooked the legacy section of the website. It’s no longer there, and that was the quickest way to drivers and firmware before. I’m seeing a lot of people starting to get worked up about that over on the Facebook groups. They think they’ve been cut off.

I assure you and all, it’s not been overlooked Todd. We’ve had some issues with our product registration system when launching the new Denon DJ website, which will be sorted very soon and the Legacy Products pages will be back soon too. We are responding as quick as we can on Social Media to offer links to knowledge based articles and redirects to this Forum for assistance until we return to an actual ‘legacy products’ page. Sorry to all for any inconvenience caused, but we are working to keep users interested in Legacy Products as informed as we can during this temporary situation. Best Paul

These links will help hopefully:

New Engine Prime page:

Full ‘Legacy Products’ discussion and support category – Denon DJ Forum

MC6000MK2 Category on Denon DJ Forum:

Knowledge Base - MC6000MK2 Set Up with Traktor :

Knowledge Base - MC6000MK2 set Up with Virtual DJ:

Knowledge Base - MC6000MK2 set Up with Serato DJ:

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Glad to hear it! Having been involved with a number of web redesigns myself I know how things can sometimes get missed, and the frustration of what seem like never ending broken links. Must say, overall I really like the new site - looks slick. Kudos to the the team!