NEW Traktor Pro 3 & SC5000

Hey guys ! Have you see the news ? : Traktor Pro 3 is coming really soon !

Denon SC5000 & x1800 implement with update soon ?

You can already use the X1800 with Traktor 2, just not with timecode. With Traktor Pro 3, you will get timecode support, nothing needs to be updated by Denon. SC5000 are a different issue. No midi mode so far and that is intentional. Not cool Denon.

I don’t see the big fuzz, then only that DVS has been opened up.

It might not be the big fuzz but certainly the X1800 owners will be happy to be able to use it for Traktor DVS.

Funny thing is, this news also means Denon will finally have a 2ch Traktor DVS capable mixer in the form of old X600 model that got denied TSP certification back in 2010 (because of NI Z2) and flopped because of that.

Yes true. I already have Traktor incl. Scratch. For fun I bought Serato DVS to test with the X1800.

It’s nice to see them open up options.

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I thinked that native instruments waited it too long for traktor 3 and stayed on traktor 2 so long that they have lost the race to virtual DJ and atomix.

Midi too is very old. Now that computers and music equipments don’t use 5 pin din plugs midi can die and usb plugs will connect with direct signals as better than the midi.

DVS was old and lag as soon as it started and hasn’t bettered itself in the years. Maybe the same thing could happen - usb with direct signals instead of DVS tones and sound maps.

does anybody know how to get the sc5000 in midi mode so it is seen by traktor?