New to prime

hi everyone I have just purchased a prime 4 upgrading from the mc 6000mk 2 so im new to engine

im finding it difficult to get tracks to load onto the decks

I get them to show on the flash drive on the prime 4 but when I swipe to load there is no decks present on the screen

can anyone help me ?

also is there any online tutorials that anyone has found helpful?


There are all the tutorials about the Prime4

Have Fun with your new device … It´s a mighty weapon :heart:

Have you prepared your stick with engine prime software ? It could be, that your tracks arent analysed yet.

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It’s possible you might have all your decks switched to channel output mode. Look at the front of the unit you will see 4 switches for the 4 channels. Make sure each switch is on Deck mode.

Thanks for your reply those tutorials should help

Be careful, this unit will keep you up all night long enjoying all that is possible with it. I’ve had the SC5000/5000M and this all in one unit is so much more convenient and fun than the big brother seperate units.

They just need the Denon Prime 4 motorized version and my DJ life will be complete.