New To EP & I Need Help Deciding

I’m a rekordbox user as well as Serato. Both software run rather well and work very well for syncing music, working with files and all that.

I recently bought 2x SC6000 players and put them next to my Pioneer CDJs and wanted to really give these things a go because the features are awesome, the hardware can do so much. I’ve honestly got them next to 2x CDJ 3000’s and they are just really nice to work with.

What I can’t wrap my head around is Engine Prime. What have the rest of you done? Do you use rekordbox to manage your playlists and software and then just port it to Prime? The beat grinding is off like woah, the lack of smart playlists and similar other features (that I see is a big cause for discussion on this forum) and just the ease of working with files and the importing / exporting new tracks to already built playlists and such just isn’t working well for me.

I’ve watched probably 30 videos on this process and I still get the library to corrupt its self, tracks double up with no way to clean it up, it’s frustrating to say the least.

I need a solid solution in the next few days / week to try out from one of you that loves the software and understands it. I’m not looking to dump on Denon DJ, I can read the other threads. I’m looking for solutions. I really want to keep these players and try and make them work. I have until October 12 to return them. I also have my backorder for 2 more CDJ 3000’s that will fill on Nov 15th. I am willing to work through some BS but I need a workable solution to not send these things back and kill my backorder.

And honestly, if you were in my shoes, what would you do? How long has this been going on? If you could swap gear for no cost, would you? Honest opinions here, please.

Denon, I’ve had your stuff before in the past. This hardware and the features are amazing. I just don’t understand how this software can be so not usable, you have the ability to blow Pioneer away, get a new software dev, get it going and lets see these things shine.

hello Amithus,

welcome on board. In my opinion, you’ve come to the right place. Havin’ two Denon SC6000’s should show you the capabilities and possibilities these units have. Don’t return the units, you’ ll never regret that.The upcoming Version of EngineOS and Engine DJ will make you smile. I’ve done the switch from Pioneer and rekordbox a few years ago, and I’ll never ever go back. The Denon stuff is much more future proof. Trust me, stay with Denon and in a few weeks, you’ll really love them. For the moment there are several workarounds to use the units tight. Did you already a firmware update to the newest official version? If not, try this immediately.

If you have special questions, ask here. We’ll do our best to support and help you.

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Hello @Amithus, Welcome to the forum.

I transitioned from pioneer and rekordbox to Denon and Engine in 2017.

Since then I have totally no problems with using it.

If I were You, I would keep the decks and play with them longer. SC6000’s are great players. They outperform cdj’s3000 in any scenario. Flexibility, performance, and sound quality. If You want You can also read my review on why I changed to denon, here:

For building playlists I just drag and drop the tracks in the collection and after analysis in to the playlists I want them in. Later on Export to usb and done. There is no rocket science in that.

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says no one.

i understand it a bit

the decision is up to you.

I have pairs of the 5000m and 6000m, they are fantastic units. Engine Prime remains the Achilles heel of the entire prime ecosystem and for this reason I continue to manage my library in Serato,

Yes, them features have been requested since, but we still waiting. Why not continue to use rekordbox…the prime players can read a rekordbox stick with no issues…just make sure its FAT32 (not HFS)