New speakers

I am looking to upgrade my speaker set up for my dj set up, currently sc5000’s and X1800.

I currently run a Cambridge audio amp with some old eltax monitor speakers.

I am trying to decide whether to upgrade the amp and speakers, or whether to go down the route of self amped speakers such as KRK or genelec.

Any suggestions or recommendations?

We’ll I’m one of the rare ones that would not get a set of studio monitors if you don’t have the intent to get into production. A set of active PA in 8" size is much more versatile for a average DJ IMHO.

That’s interesting. Any specific reasons behind that?

PA speakers for use at home? Bad idea.

For one it’s overkill. Second, the sound quality will be considerably worse.

PA speakers tend to have compression drivers for the highs, and they are generally regarded as being harsh due to the metal diaphragms. Monitors or even hifi speakers will have far better sounding treble and more balanced frequency response.

The goal of PA speakers is to go loud. The goal of monitors is to sound accurate.


I managed to pick up a pair of Wharfendale Diamond 11.2 bookshelf(large)speakers for AUD$600 reduced from $800 Each speaker weighs 20kgs and made in England with good midrange

Take a look at the jbl partybox series. The partybox 100 is like the best all arounder.