New SC7000m wish list

I know denon listen to dj’s world wide to improve and create new ideas for there players being a dj that mix both audio and music video files it will be great for denon to come out with a media player that will also play video files format straight from a usb stick that will minipulate the video file in the same manner it does with the audio file also showing the video file on the screen with the audio wave form below the video file, also a hdmi out on the player, the new mixer should also have a screen that splits in three to highlight the left player video the video thats playing from the mixer and the right player video the mixer sould also have left player hdmi in right player hdmi in and one or two hdmi outs a set up like this that play audio and video will leave the compititiion waaaaaay behind

Crossed my mind in 2017

in 2018

and in 2019

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