New SATA drive not appearing on laptop?

Hey looking for some help on this. Might be something obvious I’m just not seeing.

Just got new SC6000. First thing I did was connect new SATA. Booted up player, connected it to laptop with provided cable. Laptop initialized new connection. All complete.

Opened up disk management and it’s not there? Opened up file explorer and does not appear next to my other current devices and drivers?

There must be something I’m missing but just not seeing it, any help would be great.

Using a Crucial MX500 1TB

Did you reboot the SC into computer mode via the SOURCE button?

Yep then disconnected turned both off and on after not seeing the drive. Still nothing.

Tried another USB port?

So…you just took the drive out of the box and put it straight into the 6000?

It needs formatting to exFAT. Before I fitted a SSD to my prime 4, I formatted it first on my computer.

Got three on my laptop and tried all three