New Prime controller: Denon DJ Prime 4

Just saw the images of this new beast.

4 channel prime standalone all in one machine.

2 more channels than I’d need but I see a use for the extra 2 decks.

Mobile lads are gonna be loving this.

I can see them cueing the first dance songs etc on the spare decks etc.

I zoomed in on the beat grid buttons to see of its like the MCX8000 but it seems to be like that on the SC5000 screen ie just slide left and right unlike the 8000 which allows more flexible placements and editing.

Thoughts folks…

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For me it’s awesome i hope we see a new firmware for engine and the rest of the familly too


No word on linking with Engine Prime on laptop…

I definitely plan on buying one for gigs where setup time is a factor—the only potential dealbreaker would be if the user can’t adjust the waveforms to scroll horizontally rather than vertically. @DenonDJCorey any word on the waveform viewing options?


Yup! Let’s hope horizontal is an option!

It looks awesome - I have the Prime setup today, but would like this as an “extra” for the smaller jobs.

Like you say Mufasa, I really hope that they have kept the beatgrid adjustment from the MCX8000, and NOT from the SC5000´s… That would be a big mistake if they haven´t.

I looked at my old posts yesterday… I asked about this option in march 18´ and still no response on that… almost a year later - no fix or a answer… Kills me to manually correct the BPM in Engine, when it took 2 secs on the MCX8000.

Dont get why it has to be like this!?

But that aside, the Prime 4 (Four rimes with Tour like the Pioneer Tour machines with the big screens) looks like a RX2 killer. :wink:

Seems a shame that this keeps getting reviewed and referred to as a controller when it’s far removed from just a ratty tatty box to shove some numbers into a laptop

Exactly! That’s ridiculous when it’s clearly a stand-alone unit. It hasn’t been shown with a computer and Serato support is coming, but who would want to use this with Serato? You basically have a x1800 and 2 sc5000s with this unit. Who the hell wants to bring a computer when you can do everything with the unit alone. I pre-ordered mine and have already paid in advance as well. If it didn’t have Serato support I would still buy it cause I have the sc5000s and the x1800 and absolutely never connect to a computer to use Serato. Serato restricts what you can do with the prime setup

You would need to use Serato if you wanted to link the Prime 4 to the Akai Force (via Ableton Link), for the first example. Secondly, at this point until there’s a massively successful upgrade to EP at least, some people need to use Serato in order to simply manage their collections. Personally, I rarely use HID mode ever, and as a rule I never use a laptop when djing out. But whenever I break out my sc5000, I find myself using HID mode with Serato so i don’t have to deal with EP issues. Yes, some sc5000 features are not available but at least I can practice with one of the best pieces of DJ hardware I’ve ever encountered. But if hardware was everything, putting flames on the sides of my rollerblades would make me go faster.

(ps. I don’t actually own rollerblades, for the record)