New Prime 4 user, question about Prepare area

Hi, I just got my Prime 4 yesterday and overall very impressed so far.

One thing I don’t seem to be able to do (unless I’m missing something) is re-order the tracks in the Prepare area. Is that possible?

I’m used to using this kind of area as a planning area for the remainder of my gig working from top to bottom, but as things change it’s good to be able to juggle tracks around. From what I’ve seen I can only add tracks to the end of the list in the Prepare area and can’t then re-order them into the logical order I’d like to play them. I realise I can load from anywhere in the Prepare list, but having the list in the same order I plan to use it would be very helpful!



Or just to be able to sort the prepare folder like others, that would be a great suggestion to the Denon DJ team.

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