New post stuck in moderation queue?

I created a new post a couple of days ago but it has never appeared. It went to moderation because it had a link to an external site.

Is there any way of knowing if your submitted posts are in a moderation queue or have just been rejected because they just instantly disappear once you have submitted them.

thanks for the tip!

And then they’ll just keep the people who keep ducking moderation in moderation themselves

Haha no “oh he of little faith”. It’s probably an anti spam mechanism.

Your avatar is gone btw. Did you have your own or the default alphabet thingy?

Alphabet thingy. May be a forum upgrade or some setting got knocked off its perch when some other setting was adjusted

Two of my posts are stuck in the queue. One with a Youtube link (to showcase an SC5000M issues), and the other post with a question regarding Engine Prime’s playlist capabilities.