New Oldskool Vinyl mix recorded on video as well. MCX8000/SL1200

Hi all! HETTO - Tuff Stuff #3 Vinyl mix by HETTO, oldskool banging tunes. From Chunky, Tuff House to Banging Trance and Hard House. Music From producers like: Watchman, Floorshow, EPIK, Halogen, Experts, Tony de Vit, Paul Janes, King Of House on Labels like: Phuture Wax, Tripoli Trax, EVE, Zoom, Shift, Triptic, Multiply, 99 North, (Un)Tidy Trax, MD.

[I went in completely unprepared, on the fly and the mision was also to re-training myself with 100% ‘pitch riding’ again. I was happy with the outcome of this mix, so here’s the upload]

I’ve you’d like to see the live recorded video of this mix, see my new YT channel here:



I was mixing in the DJ Player Pro iOS app engine, not the MCX8000 stand alone. Channels 1&2 are in DVS Thru and i recorded the wav on the iPad - very convenient. Later replaced the audio from the video, which was from my studio sound card, but encoded in AAC by Quicktime. I beefed up the DJPP .wav recording a bit in LPX with my ‘slight DJ mix master’ template, which i always do with any mix.

I hope you enjoy the banging sounds of the 90’s which i love so much. Cheers, Hetto


Unfortunately stuck on a train right now Hetto - but I’ll make a note to check this out soon. Thanks for sharing!

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Hi Paul, thank you, much appreciated - hope you’ll enjoy!

While I don’t mind what people want to share with everyone, is this forum really the place to put mixvideos up? :thinking:

If so, I’ll go out and buy a GoPro! :sunglasses:

I’ve seen many mixes posted on here - thought i’d might as well chime in :slight_smile: Video or no video; it’s the same to me, it’s a mix. But a video is harder to cheat with. (i didn’t :slight_smile: ) And has the element of viewing of course… Cheers!

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you have a studio grade soundcard but recorded with an ipad anyway? :stuck_out_tongue: why not just recording audio separately with that card and disable audio for the video in the first place?

anyway i liked it :+1:

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Hi Joxani,

Thanks for listening to the mix! :+1:

No. I wasn’t recording the way you are thinking. You are thinking i took a RCA > minijack, MCX out > iPad in. Right? This i would have never done indeed. And this wouldn’t have allowed me to use real vinyl, on channels 1&2 in PC mode, in DVS Thru either. What you are suggesting is how i’ve recorded for years, also with audio only of course, recording in Logic for example.

Let me explain my (preferred) setup with the MCX8000: I use an ‘Apple USB3 Camera Adapter’ between the 8000 and the iPad. The MCX usb cable that normally goes to a laptop, goes to the USB3 C.A. which is in the iPad lightning port. (the iPad power charger is also in the USB3 C.A., so it’s being charged while in use too). DJ Player recognises (and thus uses) the 8000 sound card. iOS devices recognise all ‘class compliant’ audio and midi gear. DJ Player Pro is the only serious dj app for iOS and gives me the possibility of DVS, STEMS, four channels, open midi mapping and all expected features, without additional licences. It works great. The MCX8000 and DJPP combination sounds fantastic. The app records .wav files, and now you see that i’m only doing one A/D conversion, while if i’d record in my other scenario (studio sound card) i would do A/D D/A and A/D again. (which sounds great anyway too, btw).

I know i’m using a system 99% of people are unaware of! I’m not blaming you and i’m not ‘on the fence’ - i’m trying to explain :wink: I’m into DJing and audio for quite a while. I actually really like to share this knowledge, because it’s really cool, but many times it feels as if i’m trying to sell something, while acually i don’t get a penny for what i share about this online - i don’t work for this app. I’m just an enthousiast using a basically unnown setup.
At the same time i really don’t like being looked at as an ‘amateur’, because i’m not. :blush:

Two examples: I took the MCX+ipad to a couple of live gigs. One time the sound guy (with a big mouth) was kind of laughing me out; he thought i would be using a minijack in my system therefore using the (low output) iPad sound card. While obviously i’m using the MCX8000 sound card and only play .aiff files btw. I explained him what i was acually doing. He didn’t fully understand but his mouth wasn’t as big anymore. Time for soundcheck and i choose a great sounding song in .aiff format. guy says to me “well, there is nothing wrong with this” (which was a huge understatement, because it sounded fantastic). Two hours in my set he was giving me compliments for my dj set and for the sound quality.

Other example: A MCX8000 user saw one of my videos on Youtube where i use Serato control vinyl with this setup and he was asking me “Did you open up and hack the 8000 to make this possible”?

So… To finally end this huge write up :slight_smile: I understand 90% or more of people are unaware of all this. I’m not saying that’s stupid at all, don’t get me wrong!, it kind of started by accident for me too about 3,4 years ago. I hope this was informative to you, or anyone else reading this. I would be glad to help anyone interested and i have multiple videos about this on another Youtube channel. But like i said before - it feels uncomfortable to me that i may look like a REP… It’s purely enthusiasm (on a professional level).

Thank you, Cheers!

with this, i meant recording with my studio grade sound card obviously

ah yes that’s the important part. your first post sounded like you’d be using the ipad’s card for recording :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi mate :wink: Yes, i understand! Nice 1 :slight_smile: And, did i say it works (problem free) brilliantly yet :wink: Cheers!

and btw regarding sharing a mix as video, i consider that a plus. as HETTO said, it gives much more insight and it’s more interesting to see the actual production instead of just listening to the finished mix.

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I really think it’s the ‘new way’ - On the professional level there is Boiler Room, etc. Lot’s of live streams from festivals and clubs, and on both pro level and a less pro level, Facebook Live opened doors.

I would be doing FB live sessions for quite a while IF i had a proper internet connection! I live in a rural area with crap internet. Impossible now. I should be getting Fibre next year… Imagine you want to have a mix (as normal) but now you might have announced it and ppl are watching - definitely an extra motivation and ‘live’ element! But for now, i’m pretending it’s live and it still feels different to record with the webcam on. lol

And everyone at home has Smart TV’s, Apple TV’s (or the android equivalent) or otherwise iPads, mobile devices…

I could be fun for people who don’t mix themselves, but for me…very boring.

Also really annoying to see DJs like Nina Kraviz, bunny hopping behind the decks while the played tracks are okay now and then. That leaves us only the mix and the choices in tracks that come into play. Skip skip skip end.

Not to mention the DJ actors, nowadays, just touching (not turning) every knob on the mixer… and mostly as duo-DJs. Siamese twins…WHY?

nobody is forcing you to watch it. just let it run in the background and only listen.

however i totally agree that the “performance” often is quite a joke. many of them are just posing … you could overlay the video onto some other audio and it wouldn’t matter :stuck_out_tongue:

i do think tho that with vinyl it’s a bit different. there you actually see something while watching somebody with a controller or cdjs using sync is rather pointless.

Each to their own - nothing wrong with a different opinion or look at things :slight_smile: I do hear what you are saying about EDM puppets etc, but i don’t watch those! And i certainly don’t watch these steams a lot - it’s once in a while, when it fits the evening (my girlfriend likes it too, once in a while!) and i don’t really go on a search on them. 99% of the time, i see on my Facebook timeline for example ‘Sam Pagganini is live now from Awakenings Festival’ This happens because i follow these dj’s/producers and festivals. Then, it’s got my attention! But the next question is; "is NOW the right time to see that? Do i even want to? (Or my GF :slight_smile: ) and mostly ist’s ‘No’ but sometimes its fun! Also, i love to see the Awakenings festival terrain, or De Gashouder Amsterdam or Kappa Festival in Turin; just to have a peek at the entourage, stages etc, besides the music / dj’s

Oh, one standout boiler room was: Sasha (the one from Digweed) @ boiler room T2 (Trainspotting 2) in Berlin. As you know, Sasha is a real dj and it’s mind-blowing how he (and some others) were already there pioneering in 1990 and until today still have full agendas! It was classic’s set, he was using digitised vinyl on a pio rig though. Excellent watch. with a bootleg of ‘Beltram’s Engery Flash’ (which i bought in '99 as well :wink: ) And Sasha being totally in the music, you can see him getting a bit emotional even during the break of ‘LSG - Netherworld’… THAT was a special one! (some tracks were playing long though) I think this can be found on YT now as well, or somewhere else, i case of interest :wink:

[OMG. I’m no good at short replies. sorry guys. haha]

I understand your vibe and enthusiasm. Too bad Sasha’s greatest tracks are ghost produced for him, but hey Sasha, Tijs and Oakenfold were also pioneering that part of the music industry, so why not.

But enough of my negativity, it’s why I didn’t want to be in this business then and don’t want to now. It’s only for fun. And boy, the DenonDJ Prime series are putting a big smile on my face!!

To get back on topic. I think you should keep the color and refrain from old style black and white. :+1:t2::sunglasses: