new mac 2015 retina wont recognize mc4000

what can be the issue ? i bought my mc4000 on 2016 so the firmware should be ok for my 2015 my mac

Google this" serato connectivity issues osx" Bye

What do mean by won’t recognise? Are you using Serato Intro/Lite or Pro? Do you have the standalone license for Serato DJ Pro?

Does you MacBook see the controller as a connected device? Check MacBook midi settings

i have serato dj that works good with all my computer . only the mc4000 wont work with serato dj rven though it works with the 62 . i guess if i didnt have license for serato dj it would not work with the 62 . no ??

That’s not how it works

  1. The Rane 62 is a full Serato DJ Pro mixer. It does not require a licence to work.

  2. The Denon MC4000 or any other controller that ships with “Serato DJ Intro” or “Serato DJ Lite” will require you to buy a separate licence if you intend to use it Serato DJ Pro