New Horizontal Layout for Smart Consoles on Prime 2

As mentioned in a previous post, the new layout in this beta compresses the ‘track overviews’ making them less detailed and appear visually squashed. IMO not a good change as I find them a useful visual guide. I would like to have the previous layout re-instated.

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I basically created this account to complain about the same thing.

The new layout has one advantage, the left deck is on the left and the right on the right. And okay, the track view at the bottom is a bit larger, but who needs that? The disadvantages however are numerous. It’s much more difficult to orient yourself around the track, for seeing where hot cues are, recognizing loop length, general track structure, etc. Then it’s also much more difficult so see the track info, especially the current BPM, because everything is squished and much smaller.

Please bring back the old layout, at least as an option.