New here! Denon homies what's goooood?!

Meow Meow, I’m Phoenix! What’s up yall! I’m new to the denon forum and wanna get a jump in the right direction! I own a Prime 4 and will be doing some repairs on it soon.

Share your setup and introduce yourself! :metal: :metal:

Feel free to DM me anytime!

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First repair I plan on doing! :eyes:

What’s up @Phoenixsk8s and welcome!

I also own a Prime 4 and love it! You’ll find the forum very helpful. But beware, you’ll see many some complaints about the equipment as Denon doesn’t filter the comments. Many of the negative comments come from those that either don’t understand their equipment or read their directions before posting.

Welcome aboard!


Hey @Phoenixsk8s Nice to have you around. Greetings and happy mixing!


hi, and welcome👋🏾

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Excited to be here! Interested in growing this community and creating a learning and teaching environment all while keeping it a safe space! :sparkling_heart:

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