New from LA

Hi all

New bedroom DJ from LA

Need help setting up, i have connected everything and 2 decks but no sound

Hi Kippax,

Perhaps it’s good to give some more info? Like what device do you have?


Edit: aha your profile states Prime4.

Did you enable all decks in Utility?

Did you check the decks with the buttons on the front of the Prime4?

prime 4

audio technica 1240 decks

Check that the channel inputs are set to phono and that the switches on the front are set to line.

Yes, like @JonnyXDA says, don’t forget the Phono switch on the back between the RCA’s.

yes they are set correct

Only line3 and 4 accept turntables without phono pre-amp.

How is all connected to each other?

You state everything is set correctly, so that would mean, we cannot help and you need to contact support.

Perhaps show a little video. That would help.

sorry, i’ll rephrase to say i think i have everything correct, i’m a newbie…

no sound from either deck so i’m obvs doin something very stupid :slight_smile:

how do i put video on this?

No worries we always try to help.

Upload a video here or post a link to a sharing site. Tip: Post first and put a link in after editing the post.

The 1240; is it set to phono or line out? I believe it can do both.

IMG_4639.MOV (8.8 MB) Uploading: IMG_4638.MOV…

Vids seem not complete. Could you try again?

From the first video (can’t see the second):

  1. Your master is all the way down

  2. Put the channel gains at the middle so you don’t end up blowing speakers etc when you do eventually get sound to come out.

There’s not much else at this moment in time as we need to see the front and back of the unit, as well as those on the 1240.

thanks, that worked, well done team, hopefully my mixing gets better than my set ups…

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you welcome :+1: