New Forum Feature For All Users - Solved Queries


We’ve recently had a forum upgrade and as well as several “behind the scenes” features, we’re very pleased to introduce the SOLVED tickbox system to the forum.

This feature allows the Original Poster of any topic can look through the replies to their query and if one of the replies answered their question, they can click on the " . . . " symbol at the bottom of the resolving reply, and tick the “Solved” tick box.

This action will then add a tick to the empty tick box now showing to the left of the title in any list of topics, identifying which topics have been solved. This will enable everyone on the forum to spot which queries have been resolved and which topics are still looking for attention and/or answers.

Have you asked a question on the forum and on of the forum members has replied with the answer which worked for you? If so, please go into the topic(s) and tick the solved box on their reply. Go on… Give it a go !


Thank you to the users who have been using this additional feature already.

Currently, the feature is set so that when the original poster chooses the post which answered their question for them, the opening question will have the chosen solution added to the bottom of the original post and thread stays open for 24 hours longer. The thread may then move to a “Solved” or “other” part of the forum, so that all the answered queries are then not mixed up in the middle of posts still open and needing an answer or other input.

We can change the 24 hours to a longer period of time - perhaps 72 hours to allow for weekends etc. The topic will still stay visible and searchable for all users, open or solved, so newer members of the forum will be able to benefit from quickly seeing the original question and the proven selected answer, without having to scroll through all the other replies.

We’re happy to receive input from users for different “stay open” durations.

Thanks for reading.