New Forum Areas - Feature Requests & Bug Reports

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Hopefully default viewing of these subforums remains New or Latest and not Top, because otherwise you’re going to get early-selection bias tending to feed back and self perpetuate. That’s something Twitter and Yahoo News get wrong. Users should continue to have to manually select the Top viewing option.

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Forum was down for a day. Comes back today and New and Latest no longer actually seem to work on those subforums. My imagination?

I think they are working now. Are you still experiencing trouble?

Still appears not to be working. On Features, threads with 4 day old most recent posts show up at the top on New and Latest, just like if Top was manually selected. I can’t tell about the bug reports forum because there aren’t enough threads yet.

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Thanks for pointing that out. I can see the issue now. I’ll reach out to our web team now to see if they can identify the issue.

[UPDATE] All set.

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Also, if you guys are going to use likes/hearts to choose how you prioritize stuff, which I don’t agree with, but if you do, you might want to add the ability to dislike something. In tallying preference, you need to either have the ability to like and dislike or give some kind of score or rating to really gauge preference. Otherwise you might get a few people liking something, but many despise the feature and it might still rank higher than it should. That’s not as big a deal for something that’s an option, but for other things added or changed, it’s relevant info.

when I go to the Feature Request area, it says at the top that: " Before creating a new topic, be sure your request is unique. To do this, search the forum to see if the feature has already been posted. If it has, like the original post to vote for it. Topics are sorted by number of votes making them more visible to the team. NOTE: Duplicate topics will be removed without notice."

However, topics are not sorted by number of votes (they were sorted this way a couple of days but something changed). Therefore, I suggest to sort by the number of votes, or otherwise change this text.

Best, ElTitoFranki

Yes, that text needs to be removed.

The team may have a different forum browser or front end or whatever you may want to call it.

I’ve got a proposal for the voting as things seem to be getting a bit confused, not to mention monopolised by a very narrow slice of people.

In some of the request posts, some people are posting underneath the request about how the request is bad in some way, and that it shouldn’t be considered, or should be considered and dumped.

Some people have been then liking/loving the post about the request being bad. In such topics there’s some votes on the “I want” post and some votes on the “don’t want it” post. If there was five votes for WANT and five votes for DONT WANT , would that topic get sorted as having 10 votes? If so, that ain’t right

The initial request Likes are the only ones that count, I guess. If I don’t like it or find it un-useful or of no interest, I simply don’t click Like.

The likes I give to a “don’t want” post underneath the request, for me, is a kinda dislike or no count.

Are you like me? :wink: Oh dear.

Just ignore a feature request that doesn’t make any sense.

There is no need to comment.

And good thing about this forum is that, the OP cant bump the topic…

It will just die a natural death…

I think there still could be a discussion. Just to get to know the reasoning behind the request or workflow. There is no wrong.

I also think and hope most requests here DO make any sense… :wink:

Any forum member can view the Feature or Bug lists by the criteria they choose to view by. At the top of the category topic list you can select: New, Latest, Top, My Posts, Read, and Bookmarks. By default, the lists are now set to ‘Latest’ to circumvent visitors from always seeing the top requests and negate early-selection bias. I will update the message to better reflect this.

To be clear, these lists are used as a reference/guidance tool to help us make better decisions in the future. They are not the definitive list of features that direct our development sprints.

I just added the ability to see total likes within a topic from the topic list. It’s currently showing the total number likes for all posts within the topic and not the original post likes (still looking into this). Not sure this will stay but I’m open to feedback.

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I think I figured out what we need…

What we need is the ability to say we would or would not use a feature, then we need the ability to objectively determine what impact a feature would have on those users who would not use it. Then all the forum members who own said gear on this forum should basically be forced to say whether they would or would not use a given feature (mandatory voting to continue posting on the forum as an owner of products in that category), rather than optionally just hearting features they like.

The key, though, is that just saying you would or would never use the feature would not in and of itself prevent the feature from getting implemented, just potentially slow its implementation. If a feature would negatively impact users that would never use it but there is a vast supermajority of users that would use it compared to the number that would never use it, then it perhaps should still be implemented.

If no one can reasonably object with a sufficient number of seconds (others supporting their statement – might be just one or two others depending on the number of those that would use the feature) saying why this would negatively impact users who wouldn’t use it, then the features should eventually get implemented, but its priority would be lower than another feature also without a good excuse for not doing it but a larger number of people who would use it.

Features that have a rational excuse for why this would adversely affect those who won’t use it that has been sufficiently seconded (we can determine what that threshold would be, might be some fraction of the number of “would users”), those features would never get implimented.

Sort of a Refined Robert’s Rules of the Denon DJ Forums.

Short of this, the statement that all threads will be ranked automatically by Likes/Hearts should be removed, and the default ordering of threads should be based on New or Latest, not Top which you should have to manually select to see.

You’re over thinking this. As I mentioned, “these lists are used as a reference/guidance tool to help us make better decisions in the future. They are not the definitive list of features that direct our development sprints.”

The current system we’ve put in place is more than suitable for extracting the data we need.