New Firmware v1.1 for x1850

Hi all,

I have seen today there is new firmware for the X1850. I have tried it out and it has solved my issue with the sweep FX & Filter 12’oclock issue.

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I have updated mine and now have problems with the filter now dropping out sound randomly.

And now the Trans effect are gone :frowning:

On at least one x18x update in the past, when any new firmware Came out that had filters or effects in the update, it was recommended that a factory reset was done to the mixer from the menu (not a power on button press combo ) to get the effects ready.

For the sake of a few button presses and a few seconds, it might be worth giving that a try

Already done factory reset.

I am seeing the the same with the sound drop out, it seems to be only on the channel 2 where i had issues with the 12o’clock issue. and seems like it has done the sound drop using the crossfader in to channel 2.i am going reset and try firmware update again. none of the other channels are having issues, is it the same result from your 12’o clock channels? or different ones?

I wonder if it’s something crazy like “ make sure your sweep effect controls are all at 12 in the detent before restarting your mixer after the firmware upload” lol

On one of my X1800 the 1.3 firmware got rid of my deadzone issues on the sweep, and on the other X1800 it seems to have made it much worse. It’s also notable that the prior technique of moving the knobs through the full range (calibration, if you will) now has no noticeable benefit on the remaining-problem mixer where it certainly seemed to help before. And yes, upon boot-up, the knobs are centered and were also like that during and immediately after update. Strange problem.


@DjEric seems like they have changed the name of the Trans Effect to Auto Gate. And i am getting the filter cutting out intermittingly on ch2 where the 12 o’clock issue was, coming from 12 o’colock to 0, around the 10 - 11 o’clock position. Also getting cut out on crossfader from A (ch1) to B (ch2) but just before hitting center. anybody else seeing this on crossfader or up faders?


Where’s 0 located compared to 12 ?


It would be fully turned to the left. Sorry I thought it said 0.

I’m having the same issue with the filter on Chanel 2.

I noticed also that I have to press the cue buttons sometimes 2 or 3 times to turn the cueing on / off.

They become very inconsistent after the update.

And I have now sometimes trouble with the sweep fx nob from Chanel 2. When it’s centered on 12 o’clock the sweep effect light stops blinking but the effect is still on! It started after the update.

That almost seems like a miswritten debounce code in the firmware if the buttons are suddenly doing that after the update. Debounce code should always see the first press and simply reject subsequent presses that are too quick after the first such that the mechanism might trigger a fast on and off. We encountered that issue on the Gemini MDJ firmware, and unfortunately the line appears to have been abandoned before that bug was ever fixed. They ended up just making the debounce stronger without even fixing the grossly-miswritten aspect of it, so that it frequently now won’t even see the first press sometimes.

Anyone seen any release notes for the 1.1 firmware? Or are they in the making still?

Can’t fully test my x1850 before I get my sc6000’s, but I hate updating without a clue whether it will (potentially) solve an issue I would encounter. For now I’m not upgrading, but would love to see what functions/features denon addressed or wanted to address with this release.

Hi PatK,

Here is the release notes and if you have no issues i would hold off for a while. not sure what’s going on at the moment with the firmware.

Release Notes | X1850 PRIME Version 1.1 Fixes and Improvements: • Fixed center position on knobs not turning off FX reliably • Improved audio performance when switching between EQ types • Improved Phaser FX sound at 96kHz • Fixed FX length when deck is in loop and FX quantize is on • Fixed Gate Sweep FX reduces output gain after first turning the knob • Other various stability enhancements & improvements

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Same as D-Jay1 posted above; just a bit easier to read. Also, the release notes are in the download folder of the firmware on the site.

Thanks Shaun,

I was trying to do multiple things at once.


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Cool, was wondering why it had no “info” link to the release notes as with the sc’s…

Downloading a zip file first didn’t occur to me… Thanks both

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No worries, and I would recommend not to install it. As I think it needs addressing the new issues we are seeing.


I have way more trouble after the update than before. Here is a good example: Line fader randomly stops working

And another one: completely dead channel 4. Only a restart of the mixer helped getting it back to work. Dead channel 4

I need to find out how to reset the mixer back to version 1.0. Worked much better before.

Same problems here, quality control of this release is in doubt. Being able to revert software to v1 would be preferable.