New firmware update?

Any idea when the next firmware update for the prime 4?


It’s always the day after it’s ready

Sometimes it’s the day before

It’s never announced with a future date promised or any countdown


I hope they will hurry up with the next firmware update.

I hope not, nothing good comes from rushed updates. Better wait longer and have it correctly done.


It would perhaps be more acceptable if the updates just added new features, but when they break things that were previously working, then a fix should be released immediately.

Unfortunately, what was working in 1.4 (and broken by 1.5) is still broken in 1.6 and we’re still waiting for that to be addressed, many months later.

Like what? Everything on my decks works perfectly, no issues with any update so far, nothing broken.

For example the ROLL effect on Prime 4’s FX2.

For example the noise effect that became identical if you turn the knob clockwise or counterclockwise.

For example, the artist name is no longer visible next to the title when a track is playing in the deck.

@PKtheDJ do you have anything else? :joy:

OK, I don’t own a Prime 4, only SC5000, SC5000M and X1800, so didn’t notice nothing from Prime 2/4 devices…

@DjAj you nailed it. When I wrote the post, only the FX2 roll; was in my mind, but yes there are others.

Some say that progress is being made (allegedly) behind the scenes, but have these outstanding issues been addressed?

I believe that in official V1.6 these problems will also be fixed, but as you RIGHTLY say: the bugs should be corrected immediately with a minor release (as normally happens with software), while for the major release it is tolerable to wait a few months.