New firmware update coming for January?


Definitely better bpm detection and with that, grid placement. I’ll take that over automatic flexible grids.


EP itself needs almost a complete rebuild with how much it’s missing.


Im sure the past few months have been spent focusing on development for Akai. I for one am excited to see what the APC Live holds and if it will be link compatible with the prime ecosystem. This possible announcement is the reason I decided not to purchase an MPC Live.


It’s not the same team mate, same brand with Inmusic but with different person


Ah. I just assumed since both products run on MCS, it was the same development team.


Long month for sure as we wait but I predict a pretty nice firmware update announced at NAMM with lots of optimizations and added features for our players. I also have a feeling they’ll be announcing a new controller and possibly some integration on lighting. And my gut says we also get a permanent price drop on the sc5000 (the M will stay the same) to maybe 1499 or somewhere around there. We have some very good momentum after the holiday discounts and I think they have some good things coming for us! :slight_smile:


What is MCS?


Look at the sticker top left on an SC! :sunglasses:

An MPC Live has the same Multi Core System.


The CPU in the deck, I forget where I read it but I believe it was a teardown someone did where they spotted that it’s an ARM STM32F.


It’s a Rockchip quad core based on ARM. See other topic.

My thoughts on the SC5000M's 2 months in! Short Review and Requests.


Guys i have a source who work for Inmusic who say there are no firmware update before March… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: For the release of the Prime4… there are lot of bug to fix and improve with Engine software too and 8months since september it’s starting to get very long …


Hmmmmm have faith! I’ve heard the opposite from an Inmusic source! lol

Guess we’ll find out in a few days!!


Really mate ? it’s cool if it’s true ! We really need a new firmware update @Chloe_DENONDJ


Yup! I think we all agree on that!! :stuck_out_tongue:


And what is the opposite of March?


I think he means sooner rather than later.


Yes, thank you! : )


I’ve spotted 1.3 being beta tested in the wild - me thinks somethings coming!!! Hoping sooner rather than later!!


Oooooh. Do tell


Not sure what’s on it, but I saw a photo with someone using an SC5K with version 1.3 on it that they were testing. No other details unfortunately.