New firmware shutdown issues?

Ugh. Sigh. Ugh. Anyone having this problem? Doing a wedding and one unit has shut down 5 times. Not cool!!! :frowning:

Thank goodness for dual layer!!

Ok update after the gig!

Ok. Update. Heat. This baby was running hotter than my other sc5000. X1800 and other sc5000 worked perfectly fine.

This is the replacement unit with the silver Denon (both of mine had white) that Denon sent me went the screen went out on my other a few days after getting it. I still have a feeling silver Denon means original stock but I could be wrong.

It was a warmer day but I was under a tent and all other equipment functioned as it should.

I just started taking my Prime stuff out again (after it’s been living in an office for a few months (roughly)) due to the speed increase in Engine Prime.

Either way a super frustrating night at a wedding with about 400 people. : /

Being able to use the 2nd layer on my working player saved my rump! But I’d keep swapping stuff and trying the problematic sc5000 and it kept shutting down. Which stunk. After the 5th try (swapped hdd, power cable, surge protector, USB and SD cards). So yup I tried everything I could.

Either way. Any thoughts Denon peeps? Anyone noticed their units running hotter post firmware? Again my other Prime gear was flawless so I dunno.

Just bummed. And frustrated.

All flightcased? What are the air gaps like around the items… if any

Flightcased only for transport. Out on a table for show with tons of airflow.

Running some more tests today at the house but I bet it’s heat related. Maybe not enough thermal grease for the CPU?

Have a feeling it’s gonna have to go back to Denon though as I can’t really have that happening.

On another note I did enjoy the new search options! Very helpful!

Just a thought. I DID recently change the sample rate on my x1800 to 96k. Would that cause my SC5000 to have to work any harder? Just grasping but worth throwing out there. I know it shouldn’t cause it to shut down but would it cause the CPU to have to work harder therefor creating more heat?

… Day 2

Ok official outcome. Sc5000 shutdown after a couple hours in the air conditioned coolness of my home. :frowning:

Day 3

Updated to latest 1.3.1 version (the serato fix one) to see if it makes absolutely any difference.

Now running on loop to test again. Also running other SC5000 (the one that works fine) with exact same loop just to compare.


Final outcome. Unit is overheating and shutting down. Lasted 3:30 minutes and then once it shuts down it won’t stay on but for a few minutes after turning back on until the unit cools down.

So not a firmware issue. Mods can lock if they like.

Can I get an assist here @Jay_DenonDJ ? Have 7 shows coming up the next 2 weeks and am seriously wanting to stick to my Prime gear!

Hi @Djscottyb,

Let’s get you connected to Customer Support, sounds like this unit may need to come in to be looked at.

Please contact them ASAP:

thanks Jay

Thanks Jay! Shot you a PM! Appreciate the help!


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