New firmware dontd work link LAN

my sc5000 was with the firmware that came from factory 0.9, it did not work the serato. I updated to the last version, the LAN connection stopped working and the serato only works deck 1. can anyone help me? Does anyone have firmware 0.9 to send me?


The latest firmware is 1.2.2 and you can download this directly from the SC5000 product page.

With that said, there are no problems with the firmware that would cause the LAN to stop working or prevent you from using subsequent decks in Serato. If this is happening, it is related to the hardware or setup (not firmware), and downgrading to a previous firmware will not help.

At this point, I would recommend contacting your dealer to inquire about service for this unit.

the incredible is the following … my 2000 pioneer cdj works perfectly in HID serato. When I upgrade as sc5000 actually stopped working links and the sero never ran the second deck. in Brazil has no denon assistance … already in other techniques and no one discovers this problem. I’m not a layman in settings. I can not count on you? with 0.9 firmware at least the link worked. Could you please send it to me?denon sc5000 problem.mp4 (2.3 MB)

It’s quite strange and must be quite frustrating.

I did read your other post which you mentioned that you got the same result using the S9

Have you tried a different laptop? Different laptop with different OS e.g. Windows 10.

Have you tried older Serato DJ Pro?

If you swap the players ie left to right…does the issue swap over as well.

Did you connect the SL card USB directly to the laptop?

Maybe something happened whilst you were doing the firmware update…is it possible to do it again using the computer…not USB

Some of these questions might seem basic but still valid.

already tried all possibilities … realmenbte I do not know what the problem