New Firmware 1.4

Thanks for listening guys!!!

Denon is killing it!! Expanded view. Crossfade options. Track preview.

Killing. It!!!


Great, I can now preview the tracks with incorrect bpms


That’s the spirit! lol But you’re sadly right. : /

Still. Love these additions. Means Denon IS listening to us and I know the BPM thing must be a real bugger or I’m sure they would’ve already worked it out.

Denon is actually making standalone mode something really worth pursuing and a MUCH more enjoyable and flexible option!


The bpm thing is going my head in - why can’t you adjust manually by tapping ‘shift’ life on Traktor?


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As for the preview of the tracks still nothing, for now only on the 5000 / M, too bad I hoped so much

If BPM detection works so well in just about every other DJ software and has done for years, why has Denon taken over 2 years and still delivered nothing?


Wish there was Tidal History somewhere… Editing tidal playlists would be insane but history is a must… Also still there is no bpm value change on the fly for wrong bpm detected tracks (tap feature would be great). But this firmware is AWESOME! Thanks mama denon

we are getting an update on EP. hopefully that should iron out some of the issue that we all having

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I agree that adding History to previously played Tidal tracks is a must. I have played around with this quite a bit, fixing the Beatgrids where necessary as well as adding hit cues etc. They are saved when you reload the same track at a later time (which is great). What should also be in the History list are the BPM and Key of the track. Given you’ve already downloaded the song once, having this info before you download a 2nd time will save time as well as speed up building playlists on the fly.

Is this still true? I’ve been trying desperately to get track preview to work on my Prime 4 thinking my Firmware is corrupted.

I think it’s not yet implemented.