New Engine Series update in January 2019?

Laidback Luke, on his vlog on ADE2018 (06.25 min) talks about “a bunch of really big announcement” coming from Denon in January 2019… Can we expect a new big update?? Will we have new browsing function on the deck? …a new jog response? …what else???

I can’t wait …please DENON tell us something!!!

Just hope that denon correct bugs and fixes before the end of january it’s too long

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B[quote=“Pillola, post:1, topic:11268”] DENON tell us something [/quote]

Be sure of them telling us

…in February

But I maybe think the January news is not softor Firmware but maybe more new hardware to the prime family. That would meaning several hardwares to use Engine Prime softwares

• SC5000 • SC5000m • Mcx8000 (semi there) • A all in one mixer and deck combination model • A cheaper and reduction all in one mixer and deck combination model

That would be a cool events

I hope so. Love the Prime series, but if it is ever to take off and get some real traction in the marketplace it needs to touch more market segments. The 8000 upgrade helps, but I think like you suggested, some sort of purpose built, all-in-one controller would be the midrange product that would really help move the ecosystem forward.

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It is promissing stuff.

Will we see a all-in-one unit compete with the Pioneer DDJ-RZX ? 2 motorized players like SC5000M incl X1800 ‘look a like’ mixer AND video support with dedicated screens. And as the cream on top, direct support with DMX output controlling soundswitch. :grinning:

I think this is where marketing and pre-design research comes into its own.

The scratch DJs will like the motorised platters perhaps, but would 100% of them want video?

Looking from the other side, would all the DJs who want to get into video, or video without a laptop, enjoy any benefit to their workflow from motorised platters?

A single model with both motors and video would be crazy expensive and if people are thinking that $200 of Motors, or $1000 worth of video hardware (3 screens, hdmi in and out, extra memory for video handling, font/character generation etc) added to a model that would probably be $2000 anyway just for 2 decks of Prime and a prime mixer, are featured that they’d never use, it could be a niche disaster.

It would be better to have several models, with none being the motor and video version, but one model with video but no motors, another model with motors but no video etc

I dj with videos regularly

I think using laptop is still the best solution for video as it allows the developer to keep the video software with ease. Serato Video is an exception though, they seem to have abandoned the software.

You are right a hardware only video solution will be expensive and it may get dated easily.

I’m happy that the prime decks can play my video MP4 files as audio files…If a gig requires video then I use Serato DJ Pro + Mixemergency or Resolume or Remixvideo

An idea

What if Engine desktop link play is possible and the Engine Prime works as a proper 2/4 deck plug in with Resolume, with the X1800 faders and knobs natively mapped to Resolume.

So if a music video MP4 is loaded in Engine Prime desktop Resolume displays the video, if it’s audio only, a visual is loaded

That will be sick.

We need for a video solution with no laptop in the setup. The idea up above here still has a Laptop in it but has move the laptop to a different place in the setup

A Laptop-less solution would be so cool

To take the laptop out of video djing will not be easy or near impossible. Visuals guys like their PC rigs.

Mapping surfaces Layering visuals, Alphas FX Masking Syphon in/out Etc

If it’s just for mixing two videos in and out then maybe hardware only can do that, Pioneer tried with the DVJ1000 and it cost a kidney.

(End of) January makes sense as it’s the NAMM show in the US.

If there is news to report around this time, it will sure be launched at NAMM, I’d think.

As to what it is, is anybody’s guess.

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…now i could bet DENON wiil present at NAMM 2019 a new stand alone console, with prime technology, with motorized platter (as Rane footage has been edited on Laidback Luke vlog), as a straight competitor of Pioneer RX2…do you agree??

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Not sure about the moving platters, but the rest would be nice. But many ideas have been floated on various fora already. Just a selection:

  • An SC3000 single layer entry-level player
  • An XXXX 2-channel Prime mixer
  • MCX8000 mk2 with (indeed) moving platters)
  • And more

So, I guess time and NAMM will tell!

I think I’ll delay handing in my x-mas wishlist to februari '19!

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I dont think MCX8000 mk2 can be already. Just see how long MC6000 mk1 was around before mk2.

I wonder if the Rane 72 can be primed

Can USB handle the back and forth data efficiently

Actually not all that long if memory serves me right.

in today’s vlog of Laidback Luke there is another hint on something coming soon:


in this part he plays 2 songs that are not really “in key”,

then 1 min further he mentions this: “these types of situations will be fixed in the near future FYI çan’t wait”



I think a new big FW update is on the way… delivered maybe close to the NAMM2019… I hope we well be happy with some cool new feature…

“…DENON please …unleash the true power of sc5000 and dont let us wait too much!!!”


All i want is a “Dumb” SC5000. …one that is just a jog wheel, pitch fader & buttons, that connects to a “Smart” SC5000 over ethernet or USB.

You’ve already got the processing power, screen & two sets of audio outputs in a regular SC5000, so add a 2nd “dumb” controller for dedicated control of the layer 2 player.

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Like a Rane12… could be sweet.